13 January, 2010

In case of Black Hole, Break Glass.

My Physics Professor at NYIT-Bahrain shared this picture with me. She used to work at CERN and one of her physicist friends sent her this:


I asked her if this button is real, appearance it is. it shuts down the whole experiment should things get out of hands.
I know the picture is of a wall (or a table, I dunno) and the skeptics will not believe its CERN, well, she gave me one more picture to look at. That's one GIANT machine!


This better be on Digg soon or I'm switching to Reddit.

06 January, 2010

Not as funny as you think

04 January, 2010

A Bahraini View Point

Bahrain is filled with Negative Energy. Its giving off bad vibes or something and it's very contagous. I often adopt a "we-can-do-it" attitude sprinkled with some chllenge in a despeate attempt to infuse those around me with what is now so lacking in my heart.
Lands being stolen, riots for frivoulus reasons, traffic jams,  profiteering traffic cops, endless pllution and no hope for individuals of rising in economical class. Everyone has a serious complaint. That amount of negative energy has generated its own mass and gravity that one would need a massive amount of energy to escape from its grasp.
Hence, it is refreshing and inspiring to see tidbits of hope. Shining examples roaming our decayed earth. Mahmood Alyousef (The famous reborn blogger) is channeling his energy to serve the forces of good. His quick video interviews, named Bahraini Views, shows other people who still have that zest, that glimmer in their eyes and that rock hard determination.
Thank you. This is just what I need. Just what, many of us need.

Please point your browser to their You Tube page and subscribe to get their latest entries.