31 December, 2007

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year Everyone!

30 December, 2007

Nintendo is the enemy of EARTH!

Greenpeace have released a Greener Electronics Guide. It measures how electronics companies deal with e-waste and pollution.
Nintendo was at the bottom of the list. It scored a ZERO.
It was also the first company EVER to score a zero on all accounts! Well, there is an achievment for ya.
Green peace demands that companies:
  • Eleminate hazerdous material from thier products
  • Take back and recycle thier products
And there you go, Nintendo is 2007's menace to "green" society. On another hand, topping the charts was Sony Ericsson. Well done SE! Nokia and Motorola dropped a few places this year. You can see why Nokia went down on this video on Green Peace's web site.
From a gamers point of view, Microsoft didn't score too well either, getting 2.7/10. Sony scored much favorably than other game related companies.

27 December, 2007

Benazir Bhutto is Killed

What a sad day for democracy. Just hours ago, Benazir Bhutto, ex Pakistani Prime Minister was assassinated in a suicide attack. She was shot in the neck, then the attacker blew himself up, killing 20. The BBC had this to say:

Ms Bhutto had just addressed a pre-election rally in the town of Rawalpindi when the bomb went off.
She was campaigning ahead of elections due in January.

And there you go. What a waste.

18 December, 2007

Americans afraid of college prayer room

So, Normandale Community College, USA, have turned its meditation room into a Muslims prayer room. It has a male and female section, prayer times, direction of the Qibla, and people can thankfully actually pray there now. Katherine Kersten writes about it, it gets posted into Digg, then Islamophobia breaks loose, just look at the comments of Digg users:

It'd be a good time to start carrying pork-rinds around campus, and offer them to anyone you meet. Since it's not politically correct to "profile", offer them to eveybody, especially those in the meditation room. It'd be rude not to offer.

It works on airlines, too........



I think a group of female students needs to go in there quite often and be sure to be uncovered, speak loud enough to be heard, and not stay in the small cordoned off area for women. Show these folks what gender equality means.


Come on diggers, you talk of free speech and bash religion all the time. whats stopping you now??? You rip the Christians a new one everyday, let me see your best shots about this oppression against women and against other religions.


Is anyone beginning to understand how the excesses of the Crusades and the Reconquista happened?

All this my friends is pure Islamophobia. I can safely say so because they are contradicting their own AMERICAN LAWS which state: Every person has the right to practice his / her own religion.

Now, the segregation of sexes is done as part of the religion itself, and that is a private matter. No one is being injured by it is there? Is it increasing fatalities amongst infants perhaps? Guess not.

And the whining about a dedicated prayer room? Well, again, the AMERICAN LAWS state that they are free to practice their religion. Which incidentally means praying 5 times a day and that unfortunately needs a place to do so.

I mean seriously, people are stuck in a room praying and all this phobia surfaces? Americans are not Americans anymore. No, they do not believe in the words of their forefathers anymore. shame that.

Happy Eid, readers!

17 December, 2007

Happy National Day everyone.

This is a little late, but I want to wish everyone a Happy National Day. I'm using this holiday to catch up on gaming and being a total bum. Yup, no festivities for me, until Eid that is.

16 December, 2007

Teach yourself Videogames in 10 Days

Right, after the Wii & NDS successfully attract non-gamers and made them play casual video games, up comes Bandai-Namco and says: Here's a thought, lets teach them how to play video games!

Bandai Namco announced Videogame Training DS for NDS, a collection of 500 mini games based on 30 Namco classics such as Xevious, Mappy, Galaga, Sky Kid, Valkyrie, Shadow Land, Wagyan Land, The Tower of Druaga, Famista and Dragon Buster. The mini games will test your game skills, reflex and memory. Videogame Training DS will be released in Japan on March 30, 2008.

This is very very depressing to me. I'm sorry, it just feels sad.

11 December, 2007

Leaked: Nissan Murano '09 pic tures

Here is what the new Nissan Murano will look like in 2009. If you planned on buying one in 2008, WAIT!
Hold out for the new look or haggle for a bargain price. True Almoayyed are rather tight with discounts, but I am sure you will see some sweet deals by mid 2008.

09 December, 2007

Street Fighter IV first images

The first images of the highly anticipated Street Fighter IV game, is released. Everyone was wondering how the graphics would look like after the teasing trailer. Here is your first look.

CAPCOM (the game developer) have announced that the graphics shall be in 3D polygons, however, much to the relief of die hard fans, the actual game is strictly 2D.

As usual, new places, characters and moves will be included and the 6 Button system of old remains (3 punches: jab, mid and fierce, and 3 kicks: jab, mid, and fierce).

So far, only Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li & Dhalsim have been announced. The game is expected to hit the Arcades (if there are any left) in 2008.

06 December, 2007

Boy survives animal attack thanks to VIDEOGAMES

A Norwegian boy and his sister were attacked by a moose.

The boy taunted the moose towards him away from his sister then feigned death, making the moose lose interest. How did he know what to do? The boy said:

"Just like you learn in level 30 in World of Warcraft"

Moral of the story: Gamers have a better chance surviving moose attacks than non gamers.

Most fatal Windows Vista Error!

Abandon all hope.

05 December, 2007

Western Digital Hard Disks

I just bought me self a Western Digital Passport Portable Hard Disk. Since I left my last job, I had many files to take away with me. So I thought I'd go get me one of these sleek portable Hard Disk thingies.

So off I went to Gean't. It's where I go to first if I want anything IT, if I can't find it there then I'd bother looking about. They had several models from iomega, Toshiba & Memorex. But the Western Digital Passport was on Special offer. A 120 GB HD costs BD 31, while a 160 GB HD costs merely BD 46. That is a bargain. You'd find drives for half this capacity with the same price in other brands.

I got the 160 GB model, it comes with synchronisation software (Windows only) that syncs your "my documents" folder, outlook mail, wall paper and favorites. Any Windows PC you plug this drive into turns into your PC (well.. close enough). I found that to be liberating as I go back and forth between several PCs.

Some complained about the Passport's power consumption. This drives draws power from the USB port, but some PCs do not give enough power and thus need a special cable (a Two to One Cable) to draw power from 2 USB ports, this cable is not included.

Still, I highly recommend it. Run and get it. And in order to not promote Gean't, you'll find it for 10 fils cheaper in Lulu Hypermarket as well! Knock your selves out.

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Thank you to all the voters. I'll keep cranking these posts!

03 December, 2007

I am ACCUSED! The Pebble of DOOM resurfaces.

I have officially been cited to appear in front of the Sixth Minor Criminal Court. What is the charge? Allegedly, a pebble flew out from my tyre and hit another car's wind shield.
This charge is so bogus and trivial, I cannot believe it is real. You can read about it in the original post here. This was last May.
No I have been cited with the following charges:
  1. Caused by mistake to cause damages in properties of others
  2. Drove the vehicle while unregistered
  3. Did not take utmost care due when driving
Are you laughing yet?
I answer as follows:
  1. PROVE IT!
  2. Well, it was my mom's car, I had no idea if it was or wasn't registered. The owner of the car should be responsible for that and it is usually a fine not a criminal offense.
  3. What on EARTH is the "due care" I should take to stop pebbles from flying off my tyers? Fix a damn Hoover on the front bumper?
I heired the services of Mr. Ziyad Kioumji to represent me in court. It is a full blown court case for a lowly pebble. In his professional opinion, they have no law to stand upon nor they can prove it. He was also alone, No witnesses.

I suspected that this might be actually be a scam. Last May, several police officers called me several times, long phone calls may I add, to try to persuade me to pay BD 10 "for this poor poor man!".
Are they scaring citizens to do so? I swear if it was my mother she'd pay on the spot. But they had to get that stubborn blogger.

My trial is on 11th Dec. @ 9 AM. I am inviting anyone who could use a laugh.