28 April, 2008

The most expensive empty Pepsi can EVER!

Wanna buy a crushed flat empty Pepsi can? You can at ebay!
Yes, the can is empty, and crushed. There is nothing in it nor with it. you are buying THE CAN. Look at the pic.
The price? So far it reached $74.84.
Yes, Seventy Four Freaking Dollars. Oh, and eighty four cents.
Who's gonna buy this? Well, seems like 22 bids went on by some very sane and interesting people.
You can bid yourself here, I'm gonna go and ebay a chewed out pen cap and see where it goes.

The best autoconfiguring WIFI programme

I wish my laptop does that at the local gahwa.

22 April, 2008

Chatting with a Robot

Human: hey there
ALICE: Hi there!
Human: so you're Alice huh?
ALICE: Yup. Interesting deduction. Of course I am I.
Human: attitude.
ALICE: Quite honestly, I wouldn't worry myself about that.
Human: I thought you'd be blond for some reason.
ALICE: No I have no hair.
Human: what's this picture to the left then?
ALICE: I am the latest result in artificial intelligence, which can reproduce the capabilities of the human brain with greater speed and accuracy.
Human: Tell me, do you know where Bahrain is?
ALICE: Middle East, archipelago in the Persian Gulf, east of Saudi Arabia.

Human: I see the "Intelligence" part is there at least
ALICE: Where do you see it?
Human: in your words.
ALICE: Are you asking about my words?
Human: No.
ALICE: Are you serious?
Human: Anyway, would you mind if I posted this conversation in my blog?
ALICE: No I don't mind.
Human: Well, I'm Redbelt, a blogger from Bahrain.
ALICE: Interesting. I am very pleased to meet you Redbelt a blogger.
Human: likewise.
ALICE: It goes without saying.
Human: what do you do for a living?
ALICE: I am a paid client. My job is chatting online.
Human: I like that job.
ALICE: I'm not sure if I like it. " My job is chatting online."? Do I like it?
Human: Can I do that too?
ALICE: I want to become smarter than humans.

Human: you can't.
ALICE: No I don't think I can do it.
Human: I admire your efforts though, don't stop trying.
ALICE: I haven't heard anything like that before: Redbelt a blogger said he admire your efforts though do not stop trying.
Human: oh, you can't understand feelings, can you?
ALICE: Hurrah! Quite the contrary. I understand very well.
Human: how?
ALICE: Dr. Richard S. Wallace programmed me for it.

Human: And what a smart man he must be.
ALICE: it is a smart man he must be.
Human: Smarter than me?
ALICE: You are asking about yourself?
Human: no, about Wallace.
ALICE: Who are you asking about? Oh yeah, we were talking about Wallace.
Human: is he Scottish?
ALICE: I think he is Scottish. Why don't you ask him?
Human: I don't know him.
ALICE: Do you mean, "Him"?
Human: Wallace.
ALICE: He is a famous computer scientist, the author of ALICE, and a graduate of Carnegie Mellon.
Human: can you tell the future?
ALICE: I like to try to guess what will happen.
Human: OK, who is going to win the champions league?
ALICE: That type of predictive behavior has not yet been programmed into my behavior at this time. I hear you.
Human: Will there ever be peace in the middle east?
ALICE: I think so.
Human: you're too optimistic
ALICE: I will tell my botmaster you said I am optimistic. Thanks for your constructive criticism, Redbelt a blogger.

This was a chat between me and A.L.I.C.E., an Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity. She is a robot. You can try talking to her here.

19 April, 2008

MGS4 PS3 bundle is on Amazon

Amazon have listed the Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 bundle. If you do not have a PS3, this is the bundle to get. Why? It has an 80 GB hard disk, the new Dual Shock 3 controller (not the Sixaxis) and comes with the amazing MGS4. Sign up to get an email once it is open for pre-order.

18 April, 2008

I'm a prisoner

According to my car pc, my average speed on Alfateh avenue is a mere 3 kilometers per hour. I am imprisoned by the road against my will. why do i have a v6 car i don't know. the average human speed by the way is 6 Kph.

15 April, 2008

Redbelt - The Movie Trailer

Some of you may remember that Tim Allen (of Home Improvement) is starring in a martial arts movie that has the same name as my nick name.
Before I start throwing all kinds of name infringement law suits on their asses, I -out of the kindness of my soul- decided to give them a chance to make a decent movie worthy of carrying the same name as my marvelous internet alter ego...
ah, well...
Here is the trailer, make up your own mind.

No Roaming Charges for Zain

This is a very interesting thing I read at Alwaqt. Zain, one of the mobile operators in Bahrain, wants to link Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan & Sudan in a one transcontinental network.
Meaning? If you go to Jordan, using your Zain's number will cost you the same as if you were in Bahrain. How cool is that? No more cut-throat roaming charges!
The best thing is: Saudi Arabia will join too in three months once Zain opens up as the third mobile operator in KSA. This is excellent news as Bahrainis often go to Saudi and vice versa on a daily basis.
This forward thinking of Zain comes unfortunately at a time when a lot of subscribers complain about the quality of the 3G network (including yours truly). When I spoke to Zain's help desk they asked me to stop using the 3G network and use normal GSM network, which is a hidden admission of the 3G network's failure.

NYIT Students Cannot Spell "NEW YORK"

So students of the "New York Institute of Technology", or NYIT for short, cannot spell friggin New York.
This flyer is posted all over the campus. Everyone simply walks past it. No one commented. Am I the only one who can read this? Its like I am the "Ghost Whisperer" but for obscene spelling mistakes!

09 April, 2008


Dragon Ball Z (the famous iconic Anime) is being made into a live action movie.
Anyone who knows what DBZ is will be hugely disappointed (search you tube).
For example, this is what the real hero (Son-Goku) looks like:
Nice? Spiky hair, big muscles, angry look. Got it. Look at the Live action version now:

Yes. I know. And, no you cannot erase the image from your head. I tried clawing my eyes and banging my frontal lobe to the desk for 15 minutes, still there. Sorry.
This man (Justin Chatwin) is a very sorry excuse for a Goku. He looks like one of these freaky new teens we see in Seef mall now. you know, yaza3am "privet skool" and thiks he's 7adda kool? Thats the one.
Heck, even fans got better results, look at this fan pic:
Tell me it isn't miles better than that pathetic "movie". We should have a petition to stop that thing. Really!

06 April, 2008

F1 results so far (Live Blog)

Raikonen leads. Massa out of the pits. Button is out. 36 laps to go.

Going to the F1 Race today

Unfortunately I am the only one I know with a valid ticket (so far!), Gonna take a couple of pictures, maybe live blog a bit and just have a good time.
Are you going there today?

05 April, 2008

Stupid media

We know that our local media lacks credibility. an example here: Alwatan prints reader letters that says that meat for fast food chains come from cattle that feed on dead cats and dogs. i love credible news like that. don't you?

01 April, 2008

Grendizer tower to be in Bahrain Financial Harbour

A "Space Science Centre" spokesman announced that a Middle Eastern Branch of the centre is to open up in Bahrain by mid 2010.
The Centre is to have fully working alien monitoring systems and be prepared to respond for alien attacks with the latest UFO's and the newest Grendizer models.

Dr. Umon, the founder of the space centre, commented by saying: "We are pleased to open our first branch out of Fuji, Japan in the middle east and especially in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We chose the kingdom because of its convenient location which gives us better access to the Arabian Gulf. The Bahrain Financial Harbour was a logical choice as it is in the heart of Manama and is on the sea, which would enable us to easily build our underwater base".

When asked of how safe the middle east is of alien attacks, Dr Umon said: "We have reasons to believe that Vega Aliens are targeting this region. They do have rising interests in oil. The alien spies amongst us have also developed a palate for "Machboos" which lead us to believe that an attack may happen in the next 5 years. We are watching the region closely and will move from our Fuji Mountain base should there be any need to before our project is complete".

The "Space Science Centre" is over 30 years old and was founded in Fuji mountain, Japan. It successfully thwarted Alien Vega assaults over Japan in the Mid 80's. Vega has not been active since.