26 September, 2007

Poll results: What do you think of "Action 123" on BTV

There is a poll that wasn't popular. Only 4 voters. Here goes:

Its great!
1 (25%)
Not bad really
0 (0%)
Boring, and smells funny too
0 (0%)
They make me feel ashamed of being Bahraini
3 (75%)

I know that everyone hated BTV this year more than anything. Still, even the most optimistic will at least say that its not bad.
But saying its great? Who voted for that? Come clean!

I found the acting and ideas to be very pathetic, and seriously not funny. Rather annoying more like. And what is with these stories they come up with? What do you think and what do you watch in Ramadhan?

Excel is the most expensive useless calculator

A bug was found in Microsoft's Excel 2007.
You see, for some formulas that has an answer of 65535 (like 154.2*425, or 850*77.1), Excel will show 100000 .
Meaning, in any Casio calculator: 850*77.1=65535
In MS Excel 2007: 850*77.1=100000

This is a stupidly inexcusable bug. Speechless!

(Edited 26 Sept @ 12:27: 65535*1 does return the correct number. Thanks to Buzain for the heads-up)

25 September, 2007

Stupid Rice

That doesn't make sense does it?
I love the bottom fine print on the sticker!

18 September, 2007

A Saudi day Out in Bahrain

one day, at a Saudi home:

W "Lets have a picnic."
M "Where do you want to go?"
W "umm... Seef mall is nice!"
M "You're right! Prepare the Machboos Woman! We are leaving"
Please note the "Jiddir" (pot) that this Saudi family brought in to eat in the food court. everything was put on the table and the woman started to "Tanchib" the food for her husband.
And so they left, leaving the "jiddir" and thier mobile phone too.
Do they not know what a mall is?

15 September, 2007

Different Ramadhan timings - Poll results

Here are the results of the tiny poll that I had on the right:

Do you think different Ramadhan starting dates make sense?

Yes. Ther
e are different ways of calculation. 1 (20%)
No, we are a small country for god's sake! 4 (80%)
I don't know. Maybe. 0 (0%)

So this shows that through my modest estimate, people wish to be Muslims and have a unified calendar rather than sects. all well and good.

So how are different days are being announced? What are the rules to govern this? Is there any common ground? Should there be a unified calender worldwide, region wide, country wide or be sect specific. What about Eid? and hajj? And how come we all agree on Muharram?

I want this to be a big discussion so please invite everyone you know here, I'd like input from as many people as possible. Thanks.

11 September, 2007

If Bahrain disappears, would anyone miss us?

I came across this interesting article in the Economist, about Belgium. How it is split into two distinct people with little in common.

Is Bahrain going that way? Reading the Article, it isn't so far fetched.

10 September, 2007

Zain Vs. Batelco Poll results

There was a small poll to the right for the past week. Now with Zain in the picture, I wanted to know what you all think; I asked you if you will keep Batelco, keep Zain, or shift providers. Here are the results:

Get a new Zain line and throw away Batelco
2 (18%)

Stay with Batelco
4 (36%)

Throw away Zain and move to Batelco
0 (0%)
Stay with
5 (45%)

Wow, absolutly no one (0%) wants to leave Zain! (zain la?*) While this poll had only 11 participants, 63% are either keeping thier Zain lines or throwing away batelco for it. the remaining 36% will stay with Batelco
Thank you for everyone who took part. What do you think of this?
* Sorry, couldn't resist the pun!

False Vimto again

Ammar noticed a direct copy of the famous "Vimto". He thought it was a new copied product, but I found the picture I took of it with my old trusty Treo 650 (hence the bad resolution) on 06/06/06 in Geant.
I hate cheap knock offs! I would never be caught using something like that.

07 September, 2007

Luciano Pavarotti passed away.

The amazing Italian Tenor, Pavarotti has died last Thursday, giving in to his long struggle with Cancer.

I am not an Opera fan by any means, but I feel sad non the less. It's as if Art in the world has weakened and will never have the strength of his voice.

05 September, 2007

Studying smart: tips to make that “A” closer

I wrote this for a writing class in college, but I thought it could be useful enough for other students so here it is.

Studying smart: tips to make that “A” closer

With every new school year, students gear up and enter their schools or campuses with sheer determination. Aspiring to raise that GPA level or attain that A. Few, however, continue through out the semester with the same momentum.

Assignments, lectures, research and study, certainly takes a bite of your time. Add that to sleep, eating, personal hygiene and commuting, and we will be luck to have anything done at all.

Some students manage to do just that however, and they make it look easy to boot. Are they using alien technology or just super beings? No. Chances are they have picked up certain skills along the way. Things every student can learn from and actually do, like:

Time management
You know the saying: “failing to plan is planning to fail” and that is so true. Set aside 10 or 15 minutes a day and prepare what are you going to do that day, what will you study, and in what order. Assign what will you do throughout the day, attending classes, commuting, eating or going out. I’m not asking you to be a machine, just be aware of what you can or can’t do. You can use a normal paper diary, or even MS outlook. Most of the new mobile phones do have functions for calendar and tasks. Use them.

Do not skip classes
Skipping classes can be fun, but can also wreck havoc on your understanding. You see, on a subconscious level, the brain does not accept what it doesn’t understand and will reject attempts to cram it in.
Lets say that you have to study units 1, 2 & 3. You attended unit 1’s lecture, but skipped 2. When you attend the third lecture, chances are that some of the material in it is based on the past unit. If you do not know that by now, your subconscious brain has no point of reference, and shuts down all new material until this matter is solved. Try reading a story from halfway through. It is like that.

Study often
It is best to cement the new knowledge in. First of all for the reason stated above (by the way, if you do skip a class, study it as soon as possible), second of all, revising what was taught to you today while the information is still “hot” helps it to sink in. If you revise it at a later date, your brain has to remember it first which slows down the process.

College days may be about partying to some. Fine, just make sure you get enough sleep. Not getting enough shut eye means your brain is working at less than 100%. Do you want to comprehend macro economics at 40% of your brain? Didn’t think so.

This is a cliché, I hate clichés, but you know what they say about healthy brains and bodies. Aerobic exercise is a must for your academic achievements. Why? You will need less sleep and be more alert if you do regular aerobic exercises (like running). This will enhance the performance of your lungs and heart, eventually making your blood carry more oxygen than before while your heart pumps at a better more constant rate, which means your brain is fueled better and will become as agile as you! Try running or cycling for a minimum of 30 minutes 3 times a week. Body building is an-aerobic so you should couple that with an aerobic regime, also swimming may not be as beneficial as running as the water is carrying most of your weight, it will be good though to tone your body or if you have injuries.

Eating well
With less time and with approaching exams, we pile on the junk. Your body needs vitamins so give it fruit. It will also need fiber so get vegetables and bread. Try to ease on the sugar and get your energy from baked goods, complex carbs stay longer in your body, while simple sugars will make you hyper then deplete quickly, it will make you tiered and will mess up your insulin level, making some of us put on weight.

Eat fish. Fatty fish like Salmon are rich in Omega 3 oils. Our brain is mostly made up of Omega 3 oils, tests showed better memory retention, more class participation and even better handwriting. The gains are amazing. Fat in red meat is rich in saturated omega 6 fat, which isn’t what your brain needs. Eat fish and lots of it, if you hate fish, take fish oil capsules, they are odorless and you will not feel a thing. Olive oil is high in omega 3 so use it as salad dressing.

Nuro Linguistic Programming is a new science, but will work quite well. Find out if you are a visual person, an audio person or a kinetic person.
Visuals are usually loud, neat, love to be the centre of attention and look up when they are walking.
Audio persons have a moderate voice, get along well with most people, use hand gestures that look like piano playing figures when they talk and have a waddle when they walk.
Kinetic people are very quite and have a low voice volume. They have messy desks and walk while looking down.
This is a very limited description, you may want to Google that, but basically, once you know which type you are you can modify your study to your own style. Are you visual? Good, use charts and colored notes. Audio is your type? Read aloud to yourself and maybe record lectures and listen to them again on your ipod. Are you kinetic? Try to do or imagine some of the concepts you are learning.

These tips, when fused with good old fashioned determination, should get you there. Remember, if you are willing to use any or all of these tips, use them often, this will help make a habit of them and you will do them naturally later.

Don’t study hard, study smart!

Batelco is the best internet provider.... Wallah! Don't laugh!

It appears that Batelco is the BEST MID_EAST INTERNET PROVIDER. So all you moaners can just shut it.

Ammar is having a fit about it too! I mean PLEASE! I know that our Arabic PR usually leans toward the "Alsahhaf" way (the famous ex-Iraqi Info. Minister), and we are experts at turning everything bad into a good point. But this is blatantly lying in your face. It's like someone looking at you in the eye, telling you that cows DO fly, and then grin expecting you to shut up and just take it.

If Batelco's aim is to enhance it's image in Bahrain, well, that will have the negative effect. If your plan is to enhance your image abroad, that might work, but we (the bloggers) are here to try and stop the stream of Bullshit.

Of course, for good measure, visit Boycott Batelco.

Have a hilarious day.

03 September, 2007

NYIT Bahrain's First Car Show

Last Friday, NYIT had their first Car show, which is what I hope will be an annual event. I joined in with my Altima this time, didn't win of course, my car doesn't have many bolt-ons or stickers you see.
There were some decent ones, but the ones I remember are Butt Ugly! Can you spot the ugliest one?

Watch the video, it has most of the cars in it and the results. Enjoy.

02 September, 2007

MTC is officially dubbed "ZAIN"

MTC has changed its name and will soon be called "Zain". Check out this link at GSM world and you can see the new name between brackets.

Today's newspapers showed parts of the new logo (It is the black-blue-green thing) on several pages as teaser ads. you can see the first page of the Gulf daily news here.
Scouring the net, the only logo I found was a bad image by a fellow blogger: "Kuwaitism". You can see it to the right.
MTC (or I should start calling them Zain now), claim that political and economical legislations in Kuwait became unwelcoming to businesses as of late, thus the move.
I think it is also due to the fact that MTC means "Mobile Telecommunications Company", and they are expanding to more than just mere "Mobile".
Will they forgo the "Vodafone" part is still to be seen.

01 September, 2007

The Wall of Charity

The NYIT students (I am one of them) are building a wall of charity.

Basically, you buy a brick for BD1, then write whatever you want on it, they go and build a wall using these.

Proceeds go to charity, so if you are from NYIT, buy bricks. If not, lets someone else buy bricks for you! It's a good thing.