29 July, 2007

My Aunt is in Heaven

Last friday, my aunt has passed away in Jordan after several cardiac complications.
I flew in to Qatar (where the funeral is) to be with my family.
She was an extraodinary woman who held her family close together. She has many sons, grand sons and grand grand sons.
Despite that fact, and despite that I was her brother's son who was in Bahrain, I could swear I was her favorite of them all. I was the centre of attention and universe to her and she loved me more than anyone else. Which is what all her other relatives felt also.
God bless her. May she rest in heaven.

"Amaima Aisha", we all love you.

26 July, 2007

Bader MIP (Missing in Playtime)

Bader is a 3 year old who has been lost for some time now.
While original search efforts began in his village, it is all over Bahrain now. I saw this poster stuck on a cold store in Riffa.

I had several theories about his disappearance but I'm inclined to think kidnap. you see, if he was lost somwhere nearby, he'll be found. If he fell and injured him self, he would also be found. I thought that a three YO might be attacked by stray dogs, but even then remains would be found.
As I heard, police dogs were brought in to track his scent, which they did. But as they tracked it down they suddenly stopped. As if he suddenly vanished, or picked up by a car. pointing more to my kidnap theory.

Which is why I am posting this. Please, if you suspect of a neighbour or have doubts call your nearest police station. Abduction is my only logical conclusion with no remains or kid to show after that time. And since there isn't any ransom demands, I hate to imagine why would someone do this.

So please, do pay attention and be vigilant. Bader could be anywhere.

24 July, 2007

Vista didn't last 3 days with me!

So I got a new job. With it, came a brand new laptop sporting the new Vista in its Basic flavour. On the third day it had trouble starting and asked me if I wanted to "Start Windows normally".

The future is bright, Linux. Sieze it!

09 July, 2007

Iranian Customer Service is really High!

I got these pictures in the mail last week.
Iranians are sure.. interesting folk.
For the Farsi illiterate; that's Bank Melli Iran's logo on the door.

08 July, 2007

New 7 World Wonders Named!

Yesterday, in Lisbon, 07/07/07, the new 7 wonders of the world were named. I've been waiting to know the results impatiently! People from around the world voted online, through phone and via SMS. The Giza Pyramids gets a by and is still considered a wonder due to the fact that it's the only remaining wonder from the first lot. Well, here they are in random order:

Chichén Itzá, Mexico

Christ Redeemer, Brazil

The Great Wall, China

Machu Picchu, Peru

Petra, Jordan

The Roman Colloseum, Italy

And Finally

The Taj Mahal, India

Well how about that? That is a rather fine list isn't it? I might have chosen the Kremlin instead of the Redeemer myself, but still, It does deserve to be there. I know very little of the Machu Picchu and I'll definatly read more about it. Congratulations are in order to my Jordanian brothers, Alpetra is amazing and is well deserving of its place.

Runners up included the Acropolis, Statues of Easter Island, the Statue of Liberty and Sydney's Opera House.

07 July, 2007

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles trailer

File Front have released the first official trailer of Capcom's upcoming "Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles". In case you don't know what that is (Who are you?) It's an FPS shooter in the sense of Time Crisis and house of the dead. Have a look.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Trailer

06 July, 2007

PS3 Price drops! I knew it!

I saw it coming a mile away. Ken gets fired, then a crisis management plan is underway.
The number 1 gripe amongst consumers is the PS3 price. Well, CHEAP ASS GAMER reports that:

the PS3 will be $100 cheaper at Circuit City from 7/15 to 7/21 (according to their Sunday Ad), but this is a pretty good indication that there will be a price drop (announced at E3) at retailers across the USA.

Fair enough. Sound logic. So, the PS3 takes a lower price making it much more appealing instantly. BD sales will go up, and Sony gets to gauge interest until the holidays when it will bombard you all with top tier games and bundles and maybe rebates. That's my prediction anyway.

Sony is getting on their feet again. Good!

The Telegraph: 45 Muslim doctors planned US terror raids

We used to say these terrorists are uneducated, simple minded pawns.
Now a group of 45 Doctors did what??

A group of 45 Muslim doctors threatened to use car bombs and rocket grenades in terrorist attacks in the United States during discussions on an extremist internet chat site. One message read: "We are 45 doctors and we are determined to undertake jihad and take the battle inside America.

Ah, isn't that just peachy? What better way to give a good name to your religion of peace and making everyone see the error of thier ways than blowing innocent people who disagree with you up?

Of course, it makes total sense! How did I not notice? I must be stupid!

04 July, 2007

Sega: Rebuilding an Empire through ... TOYS?

SEGA is not a video game manufacturer anymore as all of you know. However, few people know that SEGA (Originally SErvice GAmes) is more than that.
SEGA is entering the TOY market with force. Probably aiming to be the next Bandai. It's next releases are toy cats and dogs.
The dogs are quite simple, unlike the robotic AIBOs, these are merely toys. They respond to touch. The "Mio pup" shows its emotions with eye animation, lights, sound, and wagging of its tail and ears. The eyes can show many different emotions with multiple animations. Look at the video.

If that's too much dog for you then you can have the ingeniously named "IDOG". A design that doesn't rip off any famous music players at all *cough* (see image). The reason why it looks this way is because it's meant to be used with Audio players. "Simply connect iDog to your audio player (any player) and touch one of its sensor buttons. Depending on where you touch, iDog gives a response by wagging its ears, and shaking its head while displaying a range of cool LED lights."
Of course, we are not all dog people. For the cat person out there, SEGA is providing you with "Yume Neko Smile" (Dream Cat Smile). Its er....well... a cat substitute, if you will. You know, when your little kid girl nags for one and you know that the cat would die within a week, well, you get the dream cat thing.

I am unsure if I should wish for SEGA to return to videogames to spare the world from these toys or wish for them to stay AWAY from videogames to spare videogames from these ideas.

USB Powered Air conditioned Shirt.

This is a USB Powered Shirt sold by a Japanese company (of course). It is basically air conditioned. Very useful in Bahrain for hot offices or when the power goes down (almost always) you can stay cool via your laptop's USB outlet.
C Scout (the company mentioned) also produces more ventilated articles, see here:
And also have developed an air conditioned mattress that can virtually run on battery power.
Japan must be a fun place to be in! :)

03 July, 2007

Sony Italy teaches children to not study.

Sony Italy is handing out these Fake Books complete with attached hands. They are used as PSP Hiders! An ingenious invention that allows you to play in class, in a library or anywhere that gaming seems inappropriate.
Can't really agree with the correctness of the message delivered, but the noughty boy in my says "SWEET"!