20 September, 2008

Observing Ramadan [PICS]

Muslim faithful throughout the world are currently observing the holy month of Ramadan. Observant Muslims participate in fasting (sawm), one of the five pillars of their faith, this entire Lunar month (this year it extends from September 1st to the 30th). Eating, drinking, smoking and sexual activity is prohibited from dawn until sunset

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16 September, 2008

Warning: Avoid Sitra bridge tonight

I'm posting this on the off chance that someone might read it before they go out tonight. Avoid sh. jaber alahmed alsubah highway (aka sitra bridge). There is dead traffic there and cars aren't moving god knows why.
Just stay out of it and use another road.

15 September, 2008

Should GTA IV be banned? Poll results.

Yes! It's inappropriate for our children
0 (0%)
Yes! It's offensive to anyone
0 (0%)
No! It's just fine
6 (31%)
No! We need to enforce Age Ratings
11 (57%)
I don't care
2 (10%)
I don't know what GTA is
0 (0%)

Votes so far: 19
Poll closed

Binhindi's Greed: The Samsung Omnia case

I have been looking for a decent phone to replace my Sony Ericsson P990i for some time now. I wanted a powerful device that can keep track with my busy life, many contacts and schedules. I thought it was about time I get me a Windows Mobile device. Though I do hate Windows, I guess it's the best option at the time for my needs.
After a lot of googling, I had my eyes set on the fabulous Samsung Omnia i900, the 16Gig flavour.
Windows mobile 6.1, 5 MP Camera, full touch system, etc. etc. Often touted as an iPhone killer. It costs around BD250 in countries where it was released already, pricy but its worth it. OK, I want one.
I called Binhindi Informatics (the local Samsung dealer) and while they were vague, they did say it would be out this month. So I have to wait. Boy oh boy I'm so excited! I want one so bad!!
However, today I know the official price. BD 385!
3-8 freaking 5? Is Binhindi serious? I call Zain to be sure:

Zain: "Masak Zain!!"
Redbelt: "Yeah, I'd like to get a discounted phone with a contract. Do you have the Samsung Omnia i900?"
Z: "Yes! We just got it, it's brand new. Lets see, your under our most expensive package, so that is a discount of BD 102. You can have it for BD 283!"
R: ".... Good Grief!"

See, it seems like Binhindi, in their infinite wisdom decided to overcharge the rich Bahrainis a cool BD 130 or so. Sorry Mr. Binhindi, But 385 Dinars is not "phone price". It's "Laptop price" or "LCD TV" price. But phone? Give me a break habibi!
Oh, and Mr. Binhindi, GSM arena compared the Omnia to the HTC Diamond in a head to head review. If you take the time to read it you can see it has very similar powers. What's the Diamond's price? BD 279 in Geant. A cool BD 106 difference. Heck, even Geant sells the Omnia cheaper than Binhindi. They have it there for BD 369 (Arabic).

So Mr. Binhindi, I am sincerely disgusted at your act of GREED. I am formally starting a Redbelt Company Black list for companies that rip people off. Binhindi Informatics will be the first to be on that list. Mabrook!

Also, to help people fight against your stupid pricing decisions, I will list here different ways of Buying an Omnia:
1- Buy from Binhindi, 16GB, No accessories. BD 385 (Not Recommended)
2- Buy from Expansys, 16 GB, No accessories, shipping in 3 days, Total price BD 332. (BD 53 Cheaper than Binhindi)
3- Buy from ebay, Seller X1387 is a trusted power seller. 16GB, Case+4GB SD card + Car charger + Extra charger + screen protector, shipping in 3 days. Total Price around BD 270 (BD 115 Cheaper than Binhindi. Best Price, Best Deal)
4- Buy from Geant. 16 GB White. No Acessories. BD 369 (BD 16 Cheaper than Binhindi)
5- Buy From Saudi Arabia. Dealer: Almostaqbal. 16 GB, No accessories. BD 340. (BD 45 Cheaper than Binhindi)

So as you can see, just about every place on freaking EARTH has the Omnia cheaper than Bahrain.

As an Alternative, Buy the HTC Diamond.
1- Buy from Geant. BD 279.
2- Buy from Expansys. Around BD 260.

Thank you Binhindi Informatics. I will be ordering my phone from ebay. I do have some interesting recommendations on where you can shove your precious phones to, but lets wait until after I break my fast, shall we?

13 September, 2008

Stupid Door

This was taken at Salmaniya Hospital. It was posted on a door directly in front the Intensive Care Unit. Read the green part and think of new creative ways to use this door.

11 September, 2008

Sign the "Websites Against Hate" Code of Ethics

This website is a proud signatory of the "Websites Against Hate" Code of Ethics. TheRedbelt.com is against any speech that preaches hate, discrimination or violence against anyone.
I would like to invite all websites, forums and blogs to sign on the code as well. While this code was made with the original intention to be a code for sites that operate in Bahrain, nothing in it limits it to the bounderies of our kingdom. We would like to encourage anyone with a website to come in and sign up. From Bahrain, GCC, or anywhere in the world. Click the following link to go to the official website and sign the code online.
Sign the Code.

10 September, 2008

Bahrain Vs. Japan: No work ethics! バーレーン Vs. 日本: いいえ労働倫理!

I wanted to wait a little bit after we lost 3:2 against Japan before I write anything. Why? Because I am very angry and very ashamed.
First of all let me say that I love Japan. I learn Japanese, I have Japanese friends and both me & my wife enjoy the food too.
So usually I do support Japan.
I am angry of course because our team is making us look bad. Very bad.
In that match I saw nothing but stupidity. Milan Macala has no blame in this. Even if Bahrain got Alex Furgeson as their trainer nothing will change. Why? The players have no decent work ethics.
What do I mean? Lets recap on what I saw:
  • I saw two defenders running to the ball, slamming into each other, falling on the ground and the ball kept going.
  • I saw two players running to the side lines to throw a ball in, they did not know who would actually throw the ball in, one threw it anyway, so it took two grown men in the same spot to throw a ball. Making the other man useless.
  • I saw players running alone, then tripping and falling down all by them selves.
  • I saw blind passes. No one saw where he was passing to. The passes were either out, hit one of our players in the face or passed smoothly to the Japanese players
Common sense says: No coach on earth will tell players to run into each other. No coach on earth will tell players to pass to the other team.
Our players are bored and careless. They are not serious and I am really really ashamed to be in the same country as these "men". They give my country a bad name. Does the world think we are that useless?
I, of course, will not allow that. If I cannot fix that stupid team, at least I will do my best so that the world will know we are not as stupid and useless as the team. This post will be translated into Japanese (with a big help from Google). Hopefully some Japanese people will see it. They have the highest bloggers per population rate on earth after all.
So, if you are Japanese, please post a comment. Either in English or Arabic (if you know them), or translate your comment from Japanese to English in Google, or just post it in Japanese and I will do it myself.

Today Bahrain plays against Qatar. I don't want to watch it but I guess I have to.
Good luck to Nippon in their coming matches.


* 2つの守備を見たボールを実行して、お互いをバタンと、ボールは地面に落ちて立ち行くです。
* 2つの選手を見たの行を実行しての側面にボールを投げるには、彼らは知らなかったwhoは、実際にボールを投げるには、 1つの投げたことはお構いなしであるので、 2つの成長の男性かかったボールを投げるときに同じ場所です。メーカー、他の男役立たずだったのです。
*盲目のパスを見た。 1つの通過を務めていたのを見た。のいずれかを通過するが、ヒット1つまたは弊社の人物の顔を円滑にし、日本の選手に渡さ

私 は、もちろん、許可することはありません。愚かなことはできませんすればよいチームが修正され、少なくとも私は私の最高のように、世界は愚かではないと 知って私たちのチームとして役に立たない。この投稿は、日本語に翻訳される( Googleからの大きな助け)です。うまくいけばいくつかの日本の人々が見てみたいわ。彼らは、地球上で最高のブロガー人口率のすべての後です。
このため、日本の場合は、下記コメントを投稿します。英語やアラビア語のいずれかに(それらを知っている場合) 、または日本語から英語に翻訳してGoogleのコメントから、または単に作成し、日本およびそれにやるつもりだよ。