24 November, 2008

Mahmood's Den Farewell Speech [Redcast]

Mahmood was the man behind Mahmood's Den, one of the most influential blogs in Bahrain. He is retiring from blogging and that was taken in his blog's farewell party Saturday 22nd of November '08.

23 November, 2008

Me and the postman

@ a post office in Riffa, Bahrain:

Redbelt: "Good morning, I'd like to mail these letters please"

Postman behind the Counter: "OK. Airmail?"

R: "Yup"

P: "... ... ... OK, that will be 110 fils please"

R: "Ok. ... Say, that is a charity stamp right"

P: "yes"

R: " Do I HAVE to pay for that?"

Confused P: "er... You don't want it?"

R: "No, I'm just asking, if I don't buy it, will my letter still go?"

P: "er.. No."

R: "So I have to buy it."

P: "Yes."

R: "erm... Shouldn't charity be optional?"

Confused P: "erm... .... ...."

R: "Do you know where the money goes? What charities do you support?"

Very confused P: "erm... I have no idea. I just work here. I don't know!"

R: "I see."

P: "... Do you still want the stamps?"

R: "I guess I have to."

05 November, 2008

A new blog: Arablish.net

I just made a new blog; as if I am not busy enough and neglecting this one.
Arablish.net is a blog about Arabic language violations. Mis-spelled signs, badly translated text, and whatever incorrect use of the Arabic language.
The Arabic is a proud and beautiful language, sadly, it is being decimated by ignorance. The blog aims to raise awareness of this through funny images.
The blog is to be user generated (of sorts), readers are encouraged to send in thier original photos to be put up (with full credit due, of course). If you read Arabic, what are you waiting for? Go check it out now!

04 November, 2008

Bahrain: Dirty or Clean? [Poll Result]

The streets are very clean.
0 (0%)
It's OK, could be improved.
0 (0%)
Its not that clean, a bit dirty really.
2 (22%)

It is filthy! Garbage everywhere!
7 (77%)

No one thinks we live in a clean place huh?
Oh well.

02 November, 2008

Is BD 385 a fair price for a Samsung Omnia phone? [Poll Result]

Yes. I'm buying it.
0 (0%)
No. I'm buying something else.
3 (33%)
No. I'll wait until its cheaper.
3 (33%)
No. I'll order it online or buy it abroad.
3 (33%)

So... I gather no one wants to buy it at this price? Plug-ins sells it in Seef with "extra warranty" for BD 412.5! Yaay!