12 June, 2007

Do not press FORWARD, Press SEARCH

I just got this in the mail, It's in Arabic, I'll transelate after:

الإخوة الكرام ارجو الانتباه لهذه المعاني

أولا: المسجد ويسمى بالإنجليزية MOSQUE وهي تعني بيت البعوض ومن الضروري تسميته Masjid .

ثانيا: كذلك مكة تسميتها ب MECCA وتعني بيت الخمر ومن الضروري تسميتها MAKKAH

ثالثا: أيضا عدم اختصار اسم سيدنا وحبيبنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم بMohd وهي تعني الكلب ذو الفم الكبير أكرم الله نبينا وأعزكم الله ومن الضروري كتابة الاسم كاملً مثل MUHAMMAD

OK, What this is telling Arab Muslims is that:
  1. They shouldn't use the word "Mosque" because it means mosqueto house! And it should be called "Masjid" as it is called in Arabic.
  2. That they shouldn't spell the holy city as "mecca" because it means "the house of liquer" and thus must be spelled "Makkah".
  3. And lastly, that we should write the name of our beloved prophet as Muhammed and not to abbreviate it to MOHD because that latter means a wide mouthed Dog/
And the forwarded e-mail goes on that this is serious and you should tell everyone.

This is of course pure, grade A, utter BULLSHIT.
I know many people just forward this out of good will but please oh please do not spread ignorance! Hell, Islam says that we should verify news and you don't! Just go do a google search, a wikipedia search and look in the dictionary. For Goodness sake, it took me 5 seconds to verify that this is bull.

Remember when a stupid rumor got out that said "Pokemon" means "I hate god"? Immediatly all "Pokemon" material got banned from several countries and the show stopped airing.
Please oh please, DO NOT press forward. Press Search.

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