02 March, 2008

Bahraini blocked websites unblocked?

I frequent Mahmood's Den religiously. Mahmood has on the right hand side of his blog a list of blocked out websites. I clicked on one today, and it opened up.
I clicked on another, it opened up!
I went through the whole list from top to bottom, they all opened up. Even the Haaq Movment website that proudly states it is a blocked website. Some of the websites were closed like Alsaheefa, others were abandoned and take you to a parked address.
Just to make sure, can YOU visit these sites? Click on some of the examples above or visit Mahmood's Den and click on them one by one. Answer the mini poll to the right please.


Ali7 said...

I can't approve this, maybe another glitch..

Remeber the day when every site got "Forbidden" notice? this is the reverse !

BuZain said...

still blocked

Redbelt said...

Well Buzain, according to your comment,and the response we see in my poll, I have only one conclusion: IT IS THE ISP.
Most of you use Batelco, right? But at work, I use Etisalcom. And aaall of these sites are wide open. Seems that different isps have different rules. Why, Mahmood's Den is still blocked on ART internet in my local gahwa.What about other providers? Look into it.

ammaro said...

we should ban etisalcom from bahrain then.

Redbelt said...

Thing is, Etisalcom get their bandwidth from Batelco themselves!

Ahmed said...

well well ..

I don't know if banning website is a sound idea afterall .. it's so easy to bypass such banning with a way or another ..

I do believe it's the responsibility of the reader and viewer to judge content and know what deserves and what doesn't ..