12 July, 2008

Alwaqt's anti-sectrainisim draft meeting today

Alwaqt newspaper is holding a meeting today at 4 pm for bloggers and website admins to discuss the draft of the anti-sectrainism memorandum. Despite my relative silence about the issue, I do think it is quite important. Mahmood (of Mahmood's den) made a draft and I am not sure if it will be the base for today's gathering or not. I shall attend and hope that my fellow bloggers follow suit.


Yacoub said...

Damn! I had no idea

please do keep us posted with their progress cheers

Eyad said...

Aaaaah, i really hoped some one woulhd have SMSed the bloggers atleast, with how the internet was last week almost every one had poor connection, I bearly had any connection at all during the weekend.

is there anything else going on? follow up meeting?