15 September, 2008

Binhindi's Greed: The Samsung Omnia case

I have been looking for a decent phone to replace my Sony Ericsson P990i for some time now. I wanted a powerful device that can keep track with my busy life, many contacts and schedules. I thought it was about time I get me a Windows Mobile device. Though I do hate Windows, I guess it's the best option at the time for my needs.
After a lot of googling, I had my eyes set on the fabulous Samsung Omnia i900, the 16Gig flavour.
Windows mobile 6.1, 5 MP Camera, full touch system, etc. etc. Often touted as an iPhone killer. It costs around BD250 in countries where it was released already, pricy but its worth it. OK, I want one.
I called Binhindi Informatics (the local Samsung dealer) and while they were vague, they did say it would be out this month. So I have to wait. Boy oh boy I'm so excited! I want one so bad!!
However, today I know the official price. BD 385!
3-8 freaking 5? Is Binhindi serious? I call Zain to be sure:

Zain: "Masak Zain!!"
Redbelt: "Yeah, I'd like to get a discounted phone with a contract. Do you have the Samsung Omnia i900?"
Z: "Yes! We just got it, it's brand new. Lets see, your under our most expensive package, so that is a discount of BD 102. You can have it for BD 283!"
R: ".... Good Grief!"

See, it seems like Binhindi, in their infinite wisdom decided to overcharge the rich Bahrainis a cool BD 130 or so. Sorry Mr. Binhindi, But 385 Dinars is not "phone price". It's "Laptop price" or "LCD TV" price. But phone? Give me a break habibi!
Oh, and Mr. Binhindi, GSM arena compared the Omnia to the HTC Diamond in a head to head review. If you take the time to read it you can see it has very similar powers. What's the Diamond's price? BD 279 in Geant. A cool BD 106 difference. Heck, even Geant sells the Omnia cheaper than Binhindi. They have it there for BD 369 (Arabic).

So Mr. Binhindi, I am sincerely disgusted at your act of GREED. I am formally starting a Redbelt Company Black list for companies that rip people off. Binhindi Informatics will be the first to be on that list. Mabrook!

Also, to help people fight against your stupid pricing decisions, I will list here different ways of Buying an Omnia:
1- Buy from Binhindi, 16GB, No accessories. BD 385 (Not Recommended)
2- Buy from Expansys, 16 GB, No accessories, shipping in 3 days, Total price BD 332. (BD 53 Cheaper than Binhindi)
3- Buy from ebay, Seller X1387 is a trusted power seller. 16GB, Case+4GB SD card + Car charger + Extra charger + screen protector, shipping in 3 days. Total Price around BD 270 (BD 115 Cheaper than Binhindi. Best Price, Best Deal)
4- Buy from Geant. 16 GB White. No Acessories. BD 369 (BD 16 Cheaper than Binhindi)
5- Buy From Saudi Arabia. Dealer: Almostaqbal. 16 GB, No accessories. BD 340. (BD 45 Cheaper than Binhindi)

So as you can see, just about every place on freaking EARTH has the Omnia cheaper than Bahrain.

As an Alternative, Buy the HTC Diamond.
1- Buy from Geant. BD 279.
2- Buy from Expansys. Around BD 260.

Thank you Binhindi Informatics. I will be ordering my phone from ebay. I do have some interesting recommendations on where you can shove your precious phones to, but lets wait until after I break my fast, shall we?


Anonymous said...

WoW ... thats all coz u want to buy the phone from ebay !!! u will be paying almost the same but with no warrenty ...

ya3ni if something went wrong with the phone ... shove into ... wait till maghrib :)

Redbelt said...

Anon>The ebay seller offers warranty in Singapore. If (I say IF) your device needs repair, and you send it to Singapore and back to Bahrain, how much would that cost? DHL, next day return. Give me a number? BD50? yalla, lets be generous. Its ramadhan. Lets imagine that sending a phone to Singapore and Back costs BD100! IT IS STILL FREAKING CHEAPER THAN BINHINDI.
Anyway, My last four phones did not need any repair (Sony ERicsson, Palm & Samsung). I bought my first DVD writer online from Hong Kong, did not need repair. I bought my Gamecube online. No repair. My Game boy advance. Ipod. Watches. NDS. Many electronics online and I never ever needed repair.

LiB Team said...

Binhindi have been ripoffs for a long time and it's not from yesterday only. Like a list of other Bahraini merchants who know that Bahrainis are 3ala el7adeeda but still like to think of them as walking gold mines. Anyways I wanted to buy a Samsung 19" LCD Monitor for my PC some 4 years back when they were still expensive but at the time nothing compared to the crisp graphics. Anyways when I called BinHindi (BH - Biotch) they told me that it was BD 315, and Geant sold them for 305.. Bottom line? I snatched it off a computer store in Khobar, KSA for BD 270 only! I never buy electronics from Bahrain unless I know they are worth it by checking KSA and online prices. Man what a bunch of ripoffs we live amongst... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

can u please tell me where this mustakbal store.??
i live in khobar and searched every hole in khobar and i couldn't find it damnnnnnnnnnnnnn....

can someone tell me where to buy it????? in axiom it's 2800 S.R but no stock...

Anonymous said...

tmy comment is quite late

now this phone costs around BD240 in Amazon USA ... how much now does it cost in Bahrain were prices usually NEVER EVER change

Anonymous said...

hey Manaf, its me Mohammed Farid , let me tell you that when the IPhone 3G first came to Bahrain, it was priced 700bd, NO KIDDING!

Redbelt said...

I believe you cousin. That is a real shame. I wanna meet the person who bought it at this price.