05 November, 2008

A new blog: Arablish.net

I just made a new blog; as if I am not busy enough and neglecting this one.
Arablish.net is a blog about Arabic language violations. Mis-spelled signs, badly translated text, and whatever incorrect use of the Arabic language.
The Arabic is a proud and beautiful language, sadly, it is being decimated by ignorance. The blog aims to raise awareness of this through funny images.
The blog is to be user generated (of sorts), readers are encouraged to send in thier original photos to be put up (with full credit due, of course). If you read Arabic, what are you waiting for? Go check it out now!


Yacoub Al-Slaise said...

lol great stuff my friend! There is one cafeteria in Souq Waqif I think is called Chicken Land or something can't remember but it had the worst menu ever!

It is so badly spelt out it's hilarious literally every dish on the menu had some sort of spelling mistake in both Arabic and English with a taste of the Asian dialect of the Arabic language to round it off!

They also have a nice chicken fillet by the way...

hmmm... Chicken Fillet...

Redbelt said...

Bored of Noodles already?

I think I will leave that cafeteria for you to submit. Waiting for it!

Ali7 said...

I saw plenty of hilarious errors !

Next time I'll shot 'em for sure ..

Thumb up for the idea ..