05 December, 2008

Raping Kids is FUN!

You may have heard or read about the recent rape crime in Riffa where 4 adult men kidnapped a 15 year old boy (ar), raped him and then let him go after threating him to keep quite. Thank god he didn't and he is mighty brave for that.
However, many writers in the local media, and some bloggers too, have turned this into a citizenship issue, claiming that some of the rapists were not "original" Bahrainis and that the government's naturalizing efforts are bringing this on us.
While this theory may hold some water, the bulk of the people are forgetting the actual problem: A CHILD WAS RAPED!
The only reason this incident got so much exposure was because of the involvment of the naturlised men. People who were against the practice used this all too well, and so they should. But, do you have any idea how many incidents actually go on but never reach the surface?
I'm not even talking about unreported incidents, I'm talking about incidents with reports to the police and everything. Let me give you one example here:

This is a real story that I got first hand from a Bahraini family. A divorced mother is raising two boys, one adult and the other is mentally challanged, let us refer to him by "H".
H was raped by 2 adult men in their mid thirties three years ago. The rapists were Bahrainis and live in the same neighbourhood.
H was in a very sorry state. But he was able to describe to his family what happened and he was able to identify the men. The mother and the brother go to the police.
Very very long story short: The men were seized, were given a fine of BD 100 each, signed a pledge to never do that again then off they went back home.
Justice was served.
Oh, I forgot. The police threatened to throw H's brother in jail. Why? They thought he was a "witness" and said he shouldn't have stood by idally watching his brother get raped. He tried his best to tell them that he was NOT there and he merely "transelated" his brother's words to the police. No, he had to pay a BD 50 bail to keep him out of jail.
To recap; this is the view point of the mother: My mentally challanged son gets raped, the rapists live in the neighbourhood and are back where they are. My son is scarred for life. My other son gets threatened with Jail time for actually going to the police for help.

Dear readers, this story is real, happened three years ago. All parties are pure Bahrainis. It never saw any media coverage at all. This blog post is all it got.

Just last week, the police called the brother, saying that the BD 50 bail money shouldn't have been taken and they want to give it back. But in order for them to do so, they asked him to write a letter saying that the first police report was not correct. This sounds fishy to me but I guess the police are under heat because of the Riffa Boy story.

I for one think that a fine and a pledge is way too soft for such a brutal crime. I demand that proper Sharia law be enforced. Rapists should be executed. Society has no place for them. We need new laws and we need them to be firm and strict. I'll say it again:

If anyone who reads this can bring justice to the victim, please get in touch with me. Leave a comment.


ammaro said...

i dont think we should kill them. publicly seat them on a spear or large sharp dildo or something. that should teach 'em

Eyad said...

I'm with you on execution as punishment for rape, but one would need a real legal system to achieve justice or at least try to, why does the whole system shut down in the summer still? how long have the Karzakan story been going on for example? do they really deserve a break.

I'm not sure if this is the right time to be talking about the relationship between mass migration to Bahrain and the even increasing level of crime and prostitution, or about the relationship between unplanned naturalizing and our completely useless and totally none productive Police system.

I just hope these animals are put to sleep, gun, robe, poison, axe, anything would do the job, sick like this can't be treated.

Yasmin said...

Really I feel so sorry for the Victims, the Government didn't take any action to stop these crimes. It should put a serious punishment to do stop all these awful crimes and threat any one just even think to do so one day.

Anonymous said...

these ppl should be whipped hard before and than executed... i suggest that the mother go to her parliament representative and bring this story to the public and media. WTF !!! BD100 fine

Redbelt said...

The mother is tiered of this. More than that, she is afraid that raising the issue would get her or one of her sons in trouble. Not because the rapists are powerful, far from it. It's because the police and justice system is, in my opinion, crap. (desclaimer: an opinion I hold the right to hold under Bahraini law, if someone wants to ban my site for this).
The mother would NEVER peruse the matter any more. If someone wants to help her they should reach out for her instead of waiting for further initiatives from her side.