31 May, 2009

Where is this blog going?

I started this blog to comment on another.
Then I used it like Facebook for a while.
Then I thought I'd write to foreigners about Bahrain.
Then I thought I'd write about videogames to Bahrain.
About Sports.
About politics sometimes.
And even about nothing.

But I can't help to feel that ... This blog is pointless.
nope. It's not doing it for me.
I have two other blogs, one is Arablish.net (Arabic) about misuses and errors of Arabic usage. I kinda like this one.
The other is Ithnain.com (Arabic also) which is a videogame show which started out monthly and should be weekly starting June.
But the Redbelt is rather vague, isn't it? I thought I'd keep it as a free space to write whatever I please, but that does not bring in regular readers, and if no one is reading, it'd be pointless, won't it?
I have been think about making this an Arabic speaking blog. If this blog is to make a real impact, it should speak to the masses. Theme? I think I'd still stick with logic. I like logic. That could be a decent them, can't it?
Now I need a motive. Why should I change the Redbelt (or keep it at all really)?
I like to improve "things".
people, systems, everthing.
If I can sense that I am of use to someone out there, that would give me good reason to blog.
I need to sleep on this thought a bit. Please share with me your thoughts as well.


ammaro said...

and if you end up taking karate or whatever it is you take again, and improve, you might not be a redbelt anymore. then it would be really pointless. or u just end up not playing karate at all and degrade into like a white belt. or something.

Redbelt said...

1- Taekwondo
2- I'll never degrade into a white belt. It's like riding a bike; you never forget how.

Now try making a serious comment, really. I know you can.

bint battuta said...

blog in Arabic
you know you want to

Abid said...

or....try hard to sell RSS feeds.

That way, readers can subscribe and then not have to worry about regular updates. If you don't update for a month, that's fine!

When you do update, my rss reader tells me, so i check out the post.

lizardo said...

i think everybody need to know first what he wants to do with his blog first

Anonymous said...

A blog is like a diary, write what you like and whenever you feel like to. You can write in both languages at the same time. There are no rules, it is a space for فضفضة
and I think it should be more spontaneous. If it is too serious, it will be boring. We have enough newspapers and magazines to read and your blog doesn't need to be one.

Just write about what you feel like writing about and don't think of what people expect or want to read.

This is my advice.

Luminita said...

... a blog should be as you wanna have it. It's like Fridays in Bahrain. Do not count unless you do something pointless.
Or... phatic, like... " - Hi! How are you? - Good, and you?"

I second Anonymous. Period.