25 June, 2009

Daddy Knows Best

My dad returned from China yesterday. So I went to see him and welcome him back. After some small talk he reaches into the still packed suitcase on the floor and yanks out a bag with an Astro Boy Silhouette.

Dad: Here you go.
Red: What's that?
D: Somethings I got for Baby Tameem. There is a T shirt for you too.
R: Gee dad! ASTRO BOY! Love that! cute small clothes! I love the T Shirt too. But it looks a bit big?
D: BIG? Says who?
R: Well look; you got XL. I would need L.
D: Who says you're a size L?
R: Huh? I do!
D: No you're not! You are XL, if not XXL even!
R: Wait.. What the?? How can "I" be XXL?
D: I wear XXL sometimes.
R: That is your call! I am M or L. This shirt is big!
D: No you are NOT! You are an XL and this T shirt fits just fine!
*goes to toilet, door closes*


Anonymous said...

Dude, do yourself a favor and don't wear it. If he notices (that is IF!) then tell him (again) its not your size and hence you can't wear it, tell him it's your own personal decision and that's it.

This is called 'turning the tables around' ..as your Dad taught you that sometimes things are non-negotiable, that you learned it and are doing the same. :)

Redbelt said...

Walla I love the shirt and I tried to wear it, but it is freakishly huge!