29 November, 2006

How to make a planet hate your f***ing guts

This is not a post to Bahraini or Arab readers as much as it is for American readers.
I have alot of American friends.
I have business relations with Americans.
I like Americans... usually as individuals. But when they become governments and Armies, Planet Earth hates their guts.
Now, some Americans will go "Well, the world hates us because we have FREEDOM!"
No you blithering fool! Who would hate anyone for that?
Earth hates you for you arrogant attitude. Things like:

Iraqi Kids running after an American water bottle

Crushing a taxi drivers CAR

oh, and they taught the British a thing or two also!

British Soldiers beating children, and ENJOYING IT!

Disgusted? I'm sure you would be.
Good luck fellas expecting the war to end like that.

I know some decent Americans are really furious about this now, just like I always am when Alqaeda does something as arrogant. and for those furious ones, sorry, the world will still hate you. Better work on sending people who can represent you better.

Kudos go to boing boing for these.

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