30 November, 2006

Statistics are in

I snooped a bit more about this rain thingy. Guess I was wrong, its not the usual bit of rain.
Sources say that the average rain fall for November is around 6.2 ml. What actually rained was between 35-45 ml. ! My sources expect more rain to be coming in soon.
Knowing that, scenes like these make sense.

I mean some of these puddles grew to the size of small lakes!

When promoting Bahrain to foriegn investors, I think we should work to not let images like this happen in the first place, if not out of courtsy to our citizens, at least to project a developed nation look.

Wanna see something funny? look at this third image (you may wanna click on it to get a bigger image)

Look, you can see on the right a sign for one of the candidates in the recent Muncipial elections. It says "Our sons and daughters deserve gardens أبناؤنا وبناتنا يستحقون الحدائق"!

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