30 April, 2007

Final day of Tournament

I arrived at the Umm Ahasam Sports arena next day and found several of my old training buddies. I miss the tournament atmosphere.
Sadly our guys didn't win golds as usual today. Why? Make up your own mind. I managed to capture Habib's last fight on my P990i. But You tube said it was too long. I'll try to split it up. Anyone know a good video editor for PC?

So he wins at the end of Round 3, ref gives him a 1 point penalty to return his score to zero equalling his opponent (score 0 after three penalties). They go into sudden death and some how his opponent wins.

This is what Sabumnim Aldoy had to say:

They are champions so no big deal. They won medals before and will continue to win many more. All the best to them.

The tournament was chaotic and messy. True that allot of people will say that most TKD tournaments are like that but that's not an excuse. It could have easily been given to an event manager. And why not hire marshals? volunteers. They'd do it for free like the F1 does. Heck I would have done it.

Still it was a very good effort as a first and I can not wait for the 2nd tournament!

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mano0ra said...

i'm from al-doy n i really wnt u 2 show uz habibz game...akeed he won:P
BTW there iz a movie maker!!
i think u can split it there try go0gle!!