02 May, 2007

I finished Zelda

At over 70 hours of playing Zelda for the Wii, I finished it. I feel so alone :(

The game was rather decent graphic wise, though I'm sure today's gamer might expect more out of nextgens, but it was just fine. The gameplay however is simply stunning. The control was excellant and the level design was really good, even though I thing N64's Ocarina of Time was better at some parts.
The bosses however were all very very easy to me. I did appreciate how different they were. The fishing part of the game was overly simplistic, it could have been evolved to be a nice side game which I hope they do next time.

This Zelda is right up there with some of the best games I've played in my time.


Anonymous said...

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Jared Arbizu said...

It took me about 50 hours, and I played it on Gamecube. I don't have a Wii :( ... Yet :]

Although I have played the Wii version, and I don't think I like it as much as the GC version. I thought the direction you swung would matter, but the swinging is the same thing as pressing the B button.

So they're more alike than I thought... which sort of sucks since I was looking forward to playing both versions.

The graphics were totally awesome for a gamecube game. I do agree the bosses were way to easy, although they looked awesome, and the way you killed them looked awesome.

I just wish there were tougher enemies and bosses, and more of them. More enemies I mean. Well... perhaps bosses too!

Ocarina of Time did better in some parts, I must say, but Twilight Princess was probably the best Zelda title yet.

One more thing I can complain about though... the Wolf stuff should've been much funner! Although in my second play through, I used the wolf differently, and he turned out to be a bit funner than I thought.

Anyway, enough of that crap. I'm done talking for now, see ya later. I like your blog, so I think I'll save the link and visit it every now and then. See ya.