16 June, 2008

Bahrain's Next Mobile Company? ORANGE

Yes. This is still unannounced, but I heared from reliable sources that ORANGE is in Bahrain and have started recruiting people. Orange was named 'Best Mobile Operator' at the World Communication Awards 2006 for the second year running. So it is something to be excited about. After MTC's divorce from Vodafone, we felt a decline in quality and service that the international brand probably commanded. Batelco was and always will be Batelco. So the arrival of a well known name like Orange is pretty exciting.
I haven't seen any interesting mobile offers from both Zain nor Batelco recently. Which probably means they will have their campaigns released to lock customers in with contracts before Orange opens up for business.


Ali7 said...

Intersting news, I am waiting for them !

ammaro said...

heard about this a while ago, but it was still surfacing as a rumor back then. theyre a good phone company, i've had positive experiences with them in the UK (albeit being expensive, like all other mobile calls in the UK anyway).

best of luck bahrain.

Anonymous said...

keep in mind that Orange legally can provide iPhone 3G (like they are in Jordan, http://www.apple.com/iphone/countries/jo/)
.. Batelco can't and Zain can't at the moment. Hope they get in! need my iPhone 3G!

Redbelt said...

That is some very interesting news. I never thought of that really. Hmm. Seems like Orange has a hidden weapon. If they release 3G iphones with contracts only, they will gain many many customers!

Anonymous said...

Orange is already in the Baharini market through its shareholding in Lightspeed - notice how the posters are similar to Orange?

Wouldn't be surprised to hear they are thinking of entering the market - but ultimately they will have to beat off their competitors in the auction for the third mobile licence. Bids are expected to be submitted in November, with six or seven international firms ipped to take part

brightlightz said...

Any ideas when this new service will start?

Redbelt said...

Not anytime soon. The 3rd operator is still not announced and I expect to wait some time after it IS announced to get the service.
I'm guessing but maybe, late 09, 2010?