07 June, 2008

Zain: it is easier to cancel services then to get them (experience log)

Just a little under a month ago, I got fed up of excuses and waiting aimlessly for Zain to install their Zain@home "service". So on the 15th of May, I marched right up to the Zain "experience" shop in Exhibition Avenue and said I wanted to cancel my order.
The employee there simply got up, gave me a paper to sign and said that's it.
THAT'S IT? You are not going to ask me WHY am I canceling it? There is something very wrong with a business when it is simpler to cancel an order than to actually get it!
The young man said I wouldn't get my BD20 deposit right away. I need to wait 14 days (again! 7adda funny!) so with the understanding that I may never ever see my money again, I got up and walked out.
As a very ironic twist of fate, a Batelco guy called me up to reconnect my Batelco inet line the same day. Someone at Batelco (being the example of efficiency they are) did not register my request to disconnect and they treated it as an open order. Stupidity pays in this instance. So I said YES YES YES!
A couple of days afterwards some Zain tech guy called about a complaint I issued days back. I told him that I discontinued my line. Information does not flow at Zain it seems.
Is the story over? Well, not really. My BD 20 is still with them.
I called 107 last week and asked they guy about it, the conversation was like:
Zain: "Well sir you have to wait around 2 weeks for a refund"
Redbelt: "But I did wait two weeks. What should I do now?"
Z: "Yeah, but it just got into our system yesterday"
R: "So??"
Z: "You have to wait two weeks."
R: "Let me get this straight, I cancel, am told to wait two weeks, then it just gets into your "system" yesterday so I have to wait two other weeks making my total waiting time a month. Is that correct?"
Z: "Yes."

And the irritating part is that he said it in a what-is-so-hard-to-understand tone. As if it totally makes sense and I am the stupid one.

Well, let me call Zain again and see what happens, I'll do it as I type.
OK, 107, press 2, press 1, press 0, OK I'll get an operator now.
OK, the guy says he can't help me today because accounts are off on Saturdays and there would be nothing on the system. He also said a cheque has to be issued in my name and they can only verify tomorrow.

Ah, very well then. I guess this ends up my experience with Zain@home. If you want to know the fate of my BD 20 I'll post about it in the comments. But as a final review, Zain@home gets from me an:
To be avoided at all costs


ammaro said...

so you never actually even got the service in the first place.

i can haz epic failurez?

moodz said...

And you gave up a month without an internet connection just like that?!

Redbelt said...

Ammaro> They couldn't even give me a date for coming over nor were able to return call. Let alone proper working service.

Moodz> Mrining I logged on at work, by night I log in at the university or at the local Gahwa. I was OK. I do have inet now.

Michael said...

What he should have told you is that they hold onto your 20BD in a high interest savings account :)

Redbelt said...

it's a belief that I share with you.

ammaro said...

so in reality they should be repaying you approx 2.030 dinars...

Redbelt said...

You misplaced the decimal, but yeah.

Redbelt said...

If you are still following this story:
Yesterday a Zain employee called me. He said: "Mr. Manaf, I'd like to tell you about our Internet Service, Zain@home".
Imagine. this was the SECOND guy trying to sell me a service that failed me by all standards.
I told him that and of my missing 20 Dinars I paid.
When he knew that I applied to the same branch he is in, he said that I should come over. Which I did.
I walked in, asked for him. He came and said: "Are you Manaf?" I go, yeah. He leaves without another word, takes what seems to be a supervisor back into the office. They spend around 5 minutes there.
He comes out and hands me a 20 Dinar note. Just like that.
I said: "Is that it? Don't you want to see my ID or something first?" He says no. He trusts me.

If this shows anything, it shows that employees are struggling with internal systems at Zain and that interdepartmental communication is at an all time low.
Zain; thank you for getting my money back; but you just turned a die hard supporter into a cynic. I suggest you bring back the Vodafone team or invest in a good consultancy house.

ISA M said...

oh i had the same thing, mine ( the waiting thing) lasted for a week ( but i waited till i got connected) on day 5 was got fed up so i called 107 and so (like everyone else) i was treated like a retarded liar, doubting me if i was even calling the correct operator. at the end he told me to go to the branch where i signed up. so i went there and the same guy shows up (who i signed up the papers)his lame excuse was that the "L" package reached to the maximum capacity and so the power went off <<<< W T F <<<< so the next morning i field a compliant at this guy ( there badge numbers are in the contract) cuple of hours later i get a call that my records are in the system and in the same day ( at night) i got another call telling me that tmrw they will come and set it up.