11 August, 2008

Design a logo for the Anti-Hate code

Get your crayons out and design a logo for the code!
Besides being for a good cause, the winner gets a BD 200 reward, not bad eh?
The requirements are:
  1. It shoulkd be in a "photoshop" or "Illustrator" format.
  2. design should be suitable for reduced and blown up sizes
  3. Should have only 3 coloures used (transparencies are OK)
  4. Vector Graphic
  5. Was not entered into another competition
  6. Deadline 19th August
The logo should embody the concept of rejecting hate-speech and discrimination.
All entries should be sent to ahmed.alaradi @ alwaqtnews.com

If you have any questions or are facing difficulties, please leave a comment here.
Good Luck!

Image from Yagoob's Dome.

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