12 August, 2008

Lets kill children. . . Slowly

On the last page of Alwasat newspaper today we see a bit of disturbing news. A father, gave away his 8 year old daughter for marriage to a man in his fifties!
This happened in alquasaim in Saudi Arabia.
This is slow torterous murder. In Islam, it is argued that once individuals are able to consumate a marriage, they should be married. Many will argue this point, but regardless, any marriage must be with the consent of both bride and groom. I seriously doubt that an 8 year old agreed to marry and sleep with someone in his fifties.
The mother filed a court case against the father aiming to get the marriage annulled. I say good for her. She should fight, and so should we.
This man has the right to marry, yes. I wouldn't mind him tying the knot with an adult woman, even if she was 20 or 18. But to marry a child? Muslims are forbidden to kill animals by torture, death should be swift, and here they are sentancing the death of a child, a human child, through long long years.
My heart and full support goes to the mother. KSA should seriously do something to re-educate the population and shift it from acceptable practice to taboo.


Anonymous said...

saudia is probat)bly the most close minded country ive ever seen! we begin our lives in our 20s, we finish college and we have fun and do stuff (u get i, but them...once they get to maybe 23? they get married and have kids. basically they settle down at the time a person needs to have fun and travel. im not very surprised, this is typical saudia culture, its like they are imprisoned without knowing

Redbelt said...

You have a very ethnocentric view. That means you are judging another culture with the values of yours. Which isn't right. Else there would be one "RIGHT" culture and all cultures are wrong.
Having said that, men marrying at 23 is OK if this is what they want.
However, a 50 year old man that marries a girl of 8 is sick in all cultures.
Here, teach your self about cultures: Search wikipedia for types of marriages and see how many there is.