10 February, 2007

Dana Cinema: calling for a boycott!

Every one in Bahrain can feel prices rising in everything. Potatoes, a chillies steak, clothes. Its ridiculous.

Dana Cinema decided that they will not only jack prices up, they will also RIP YOU OFF!

I went yesterday and bought 2 balcony tickets, which used to cost BD 3/- each. It now costs BD 4/-. fine no complaints.

But go to the snack stand and try to buy popcorn. You get only one size, guess which size is that? YUP, it's LARGE.

I said I don't want large.

They said we are out of normal size cups.

I said fine, give me the large bucket and don't fill it up.

They said (this is nice) "The large tub is BD 1/500 whether its full or half-full. If I give it to you empty it will still cost 1/500."

Oh really? So what I heard was "You want popcorn? Screw you. Get the large one or F*** off"

Dana must be really having some tough times to resort to stupid stunts like this.

I hereby ask you to BOYCOTT DANA POPCORN.

I'm not getting ripped off & neither will you.

Please forward this to as many people as you can until they learn their lesson.


Anonymous said...

depite wht u said, the Dana Mall doesnt even have an appropriate aire condition,,,itz hot in there!

Manaf Almuhandis said...

Tell me about it. I used to run the "PiracyUnlimited.com" Manga stand over there, and we ate so much bull from their management (Its being fixed. Wallah!).
I know them from the inside and I think they are losing it.

Yousef said...

give me one good thing in this place wcich called , DANA MALL...