18 February, 2007

PS3 Mistakes: Update

Well, some Sony supporters were quite upset with my post here, and called me a Nintendo fanboy. I do try to be fair, and they have to realize its a post about PS3's weaknesses. I'm not flaming Sony but this is what the topic is about!

In the intrest of fairness, there were some points that needs to be clarified:

1: Shortages: the shortages I meant were at launch. That problem has since been resolved.

2: Price: Compare console to console not HD player to another. Currently the price is like so: PS3>X360>Wii

4: Joypad motor: The motor I'm talking about is the "vibration" motor

6 & 7: Backwards compatible means people will sell or exchange their PS2 consoles to get the PS3, then they will be stuck or unsatisfied. as I said; Problem 7 has been rectified.

8: Corruption of saves. There is little ground for this, and is yet to be confirmed en masse. you may elect to drop it off the list.

9: "Stupid PR" is a matter of opinion. At one point in my life, PR was my livelihood, and from what I see, I can't say they're doing a good job. You are free to think otherwise, this point is not fact.

10: The difference between the 20GB & the 60GB models are slight and will not affect the market greatly as both units will run the same disks. Its Sony's Kutaragi's comments here that make me take notice. Read it if you didn't. He says that the PS3 is a computer and not a console and wants to upgrade it.

Hope you feel better now. Tea anyone? :)

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