22 February, 2007

Spring of Culture 2007

This March & April Bahrain will host the 2007 Spring of Culture event. If you like the arts, then this is a great time to be. The full calendar of events is in their website. my fiance and I am planning to go to several of them. I'm quite int rested in the Sculpture symposium, the Caracalla Dance Theater from Lebanon, Youssou N'Dour & the Super Etoile, Brasil Brasiliero from er... Brazil, and of course my favorite: Osaka Dadada-dan Tenko! The Japanese Tenko (Drum) band. I love Tenko drumming and these guys are simply amazing. Here is a preview of what you might expect of them:


SoulSearch said...

Can't wait to enjoy this year's Spring of Culture. Its the one thing that we can look forward to these days...Last year was a blast. It was amazing to watch the performing artists with Arad Fort as their background!

Manaf Almuhandis said...

I just found out that if you want to enter all of the events at Arad fort, there will be a special ticket for BD 55/- that will enable you to get into them. It is a good deal concidering that each event is around BD 7/- to 15/-