18 April, 2008

I'm a prisoner

According to my car pc, my average speed on Alfateh avenue is a mere 3 kilometers per hour. I am imprisoned by the road against my will. why do i have a v6 car i don't know. the average human speed by the way is 6 Kph.


ebtihal said...

Bahrain roads both highways and slow-ways are all blocked by traffic. it's becoming so frustrating to drive - if we can still call it driving while crawling could be more accurat. whenever I'm going anywhere I have to ask myself do I have enough time? and does it worth it driving up to there?! even though we really should not take more than 30 minutes to go from north to south of bahrin!

Redbelt said...

Everyone, stop having babies! Please! I need to get to work on time!

FawaZu// said...

Manaf.. haha Look who's talking (I love ur comment) :P

Redbelt said...

Well,One is OK I guess.

Anonymous said...

can't stand the rush .. then stay at home & don't blame the kids as u were 1 b4

Redbelt said...

I wasn't blaming kids. I was blaming ADULTS for having too many kids and causing such high population.
BTW, how old are you?

flana said...


you can't talk about not having babies..it's not a solution

government need to create new roads for the new population

by the way..elz7ma every where mo bas bel b7rain

Redbelt said...

Hey Flana
Government aint gonna do much about roads. The people might as well controle population.