28 April, 2008

The most expensive empty Pepsi can EVER!

Wanna buy a crushed flat empty Pepsi can? You can at ebay!
Yes, the can is empty, and crushed. There is nothing in it nor with it. you are buying THE CAN. Look at the pic.
The price? So far it reached $74.84.
Yes, Seventy Four Freaking Dollars. Oh, and eighty four cents.
Who's gonna buy this? Well, seems like 22 bids went on by some very sane and interesting people.
You can bid yourself here, I'm gonna go and ebay a chewed out pen cap and see where it goes.


ammaro said...

the most expensive pepsi can is here dude:


Redbelt said...

yes. But yours is silver and with diamonds and rubies and shit.
The one I posted about uis freaking ALUMINIUM! The kind you pay 100 fils for and get free Pepsi inside it.
Being banged up and stepped upon seems to have risen its value.