01 April, 2008

Grendizer tower to be in Bahrain Financial Harbour

A "Space Science Centre" spokesman announced that a Middle Eastern Branch of the centre is to open up in Bahrain by mid 2010.
The Centre is to have fully working alien monitoring systems and be prepared to respond for alien attacks with the latest UFO's and the newest Grendizer models.

Dr. Umon, the founder of the space centre, commented by saying: "We are pleased to open our first branch out of Fuji, Japan in the middle east and especially in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We chose the kingdom because of its convenient location which gives us better access to the Arabian Gulf. The Bahrain Financial Harbour was a logical choice as it is in the heart of Manama and is on the sea, which would enable us to easily build our underwater base".

When asked of how safe the middle east is of alien attacks, Dr Umon said: "We have reasons to believe that Vega Aliens are targeting this region. They do have rising interests in oil. The alien spies amongst us have also developed a palate for "Machboos" which lead us to believe that an attack may happen in the next 5 years. We are watching the region closely and will move from our Fuji Mountain base should there be any need to before our project is complete".

The "Space Science Centre" is over 30 years old and was founded in Fuji mountain, Japan. It successfully thwarted Alien Vega assaults over Japan in the Mid 80's. Vega has not been active since.


ammaro said...

youre so cute. ha. ha. ha.

ammaro said...
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FawaZu// said...

Is this a real?? wala is it a joke??!!!
U know I believe stuff.. although the "machboos" thing made it seem like a joke!!

Redbelt said...

I am oficially gonna kill myselfn ow. Good bye world.

FawaZu// said...

oo.. so it's not!
Tara min 9ejii.. I was just gonna "fooshir" 3ala people here saying that - for the first time - Bahrain is gonna have something new (& interesting, though it seemed redicilous)before Dubai!!!
U kno how im not involved with those Grandizer stuff! Plus, everything is possible.. haha!

Redbelt said...


Anonymous said...

get a life

Redbelt said...

Do you have one?