25 October, 2008

The Samsung Omnia arrives [Redcast]

As I said previously, I hated Binhindi's Omnia pricing. So I got my phone off ebay as I said I would.
Here is me opening the package I got in my first [Redcast] (Redbelt Video Cast). It took only two days for it to arrive to Bahrain from Singapore.


Anonymous said...

3lek bil 3afia!

hope it lives up to your expectations :-)

Redbelt said...

Thanks anon

So far it does! :)

karan said...

hw much u gt it fr m8?
n cud u tell d procedure of ordering frm d net?

Redbelt said...

Well Karan,
I got it for BD 275. It should be cheaper now.
I can't tell you the "procedure" for ordering online though because there is no such a thing. Just find a respectable website and follow the instructions. You can always email them or talk to them on the phone if you have questions. Hope that helps.