27 October, 2008

GOSI: profit or loss?

Today on the front page of Alwaqt newspaper we read that GOSI's losses (General Organization for Social Insurance) reached BD 146 million.
But on the sixth page of
Alwatan newspaper we read that GOSI made a profit of over BD 157 million!
"What gives?", That's what I thought.
Alwaqt claims that the loss is for year 2008 until Sepember. Alwatan reports that the numbers reflect 2007.
To be fair, Alwaqt did report the same numbers as Alwatan in page 9 as the official GOSI statment, while Alwatan did not mention any losses.
Despite all that is said, it is the opinion of this blogger that media in Bahrain is anything but free. They all have either restrictions imposed or a hidden agenda, be it Newspapers, TV or even individual blogs. Obviously, this made me a very skeptical man.
What do you think?


Eyad said...

think we need to have a choice, every one works for his retirement and social insurance, I don't want to keep my money in the hands of idiots, small time dealers can handle more money than who ever is in charge of investing my retirement money.

and what I don't understand is this loan to mumtalakat!! what are they going to use it for!! is that another National organazation ran by incomtant people? what would happen if they book losses in their new investment? are they going to sell their shares in alba abd bapco? what will happen to our money?

this is just too messed up man, fancy a joind Vlog about this?

Redbelt said...

Oh hell. Why not?

Eyad said...

sweet, let me know how your schedule is and lets arrange something.