18 January, 2007

18th Gulf Cup launched

The 18th Gulf Cup Tournament have launched yesterday in Abu Dhabi, UAE. with UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman & Yemen Participating.
I love these tournament. I don't know, but you can smell the rivalry in the air. Its like when two neighbouring schools play. Here, everyone wants to best the other, and to some, its more important that the world cup, because you see, you can rub it in your neighbour's face afterwards! :)
Yesterday UAE played the opening with Oman, which ended in a 2/1 score in favor of the Omanis. The ref was tough. But I can't cut any slack for the Emarati team who were obviously violent.
And to my surprise, Yemen beat Kuwait to score in a match ended in a draw. The Yemen team was always a pushover. Of course being high on Qat does that. HOWEVER, Qat was banned this tournament and whuddya know? Yemen got an amazing 3 pass efortless goal! Kuwait was lucky to draw with a penelty kick goal. They deserved to lose.
Yeah I know, the skill levels are lacking. But still, this rivalry smell is so tempting!

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