06 January, 2007

Libya builds Statue for Saddam?

The BBC reported that Libya wants to erect a statue for Saddam Hussain.


Why do you want to that? Really? What good will it do?

Libya called 3 days of mourning upon his execution and cancelled the Eid al Adha holidays.
You can always depend on Alqaddhafi to wake you up, huh? :)


LuLu said...

I can always depend on Qadafi to return my faith in UFOs. I hope the one that brought him to earth takes him back soon.

Manaf Almuhandis said...

Nice remark!
Y'know, I always wondered what happened to his "SUPER CAR" Project. A couple of years back he announced that he was working on a prototype of a supercar to rival Ferrari! It was called "Alsarookh" (The rocket). Pathetic name, the car looked intresting though... then.. poof! Nothing.
He's funny!