18 January, 2007

Saudi trumps Bahrain 2/1

Ah but of course.
Bahrain played against Saudi Arabia an hour ago in the 18th Gulf cup. And lost.
While Bahrain lead the score through a penalty kick, Saudi soon scored back the same way.
What made matters worse is that 2 Bahraini players got sent off. Saudi's squad simply dominated the match thereafter, albeit with little effect. Its only logical that eventually they'll score and that they did.
*sigh* can't say I watch the match expecting otherwise. I did expect poor performance, but I didn't expect that 2 players get sent off. And it seems that the main goalie (Abdulrahman Abdulkarim) probably injured his left knee. great!
Mohammed Hussain (DF) got into a rage after being sent off (2nd yellow). Most people do but his rage was quit long! He was very persistent and violent, it took about 3 players, a coach assistant and a slap from the coach himself to get him in order and out of the pitch. That's gonna leave a black spot on his record there.
Ah well... Here's hoping for better results.

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