04 January, 2007

WTF? You sick bastards!

This is Ashley.
You see her here pictured last month aged 9.
Do you know what her parents did to her?
They made her a female Peter Pan.
They took her for surgery to remove her uterus, appendix and still-forming breasts, then treat her with high doses of oestrogen to stunt her growth.
This will make sure she never ever grows up.
Does anybody see whats wrong with this?
Her parents are defending their decision to do so by saying that she is afflicted with a severe brain impairment known as static encephalopathy, she cannot walk, talk, keep her head up in bed or even swallow food. a condition that the ethical committee in the hospital makes them think that she can never voluntarily reproduce and the procedure shall make it easier to help and will "improve her quality of life".
This is 5 star, grade A, Prime Bull shit. They have jointly mutilated the kid! Despite her ailments they cannot do that. Why don't you just kill her? She will suffer allot less by being dead won't she?
The times online are holding a debate to see what people think. You may wanna vomit there if you so wish.

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