26 July, 2007

Bader MIP (Missing in Playtime)

Bader is a 3 year old who has been lost for some time now.
While original search efforts began in his village, it is all over Bahrain now. I saw this poster stuck on a cold store in Riffa.

I had several theories about his disappearance but I'm inclined to think kidnap. you see, if he was lost somwhere nearby, he'll be found. If he fell and injured him self, he would also be found. I thought that a three YO might be attacked by stray dogs, but even then remains would be found.
As I heard, police dogs were brought in to track his scent, which they did. But as they tracked it down they suddenly stopped. As if he suddenly vanished, or picked up by a car. pointing more to my kidnap theory.

Which is why I am posting this. Please, if you suspect of a neighbour or have doubts call your nearest police station. Abduction is my only logical conclusion with no remains or kid to show after that time. And since there isn't any ransom demands, I hate to imagine why would someone do this.

So please, do pay attention and be vigilant. Bader could be anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Thank You,
Bahrain Human Rights Watch Soceity (BHRWS)

Manaf Almuhandis said...

i deserve no thanks for this.
hope his absence isn't a lengthy one.