06 July, 2007

PS3 Price drops! I knew it!

I saw it coming a mile away. Ken gets fired, then a crisis management plan is underway.
The number 1 gripe amongst consumers is the PS3 price. Well, CHEAP ASS GAMER reports that:

the PS3 will be $100 cheaper at Circuit City from 7/15 to 7/21 (according to their Sunday Ad), but this is a pretty good indication that there will be a price drop (announced at E3) at retailers across the USA.

Fair enough. Sound logic. So, the PS3 takes a lower price making it much more appealing instantly. BD sales will go up, and Sony gets to gauge interest until the holidays when it will bombard you all with top tier games and bundles and maybe rebates. That's my prediction anyway.

Sony is getting on their feet again. Good!

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