04 July, 2007

Sega: Rebuilding an Empire through ... TOYS?

SEGA is not a video game manufacturer anymore as all of you know. However, few people know that SEGA (Originally SErvice GAmes) is more than that.
SEGA is entering the TOY market with force. Probably aiming to be the next Bandai. It's next releases are toy cats and dogs.
The dogs are quite simple, unlike the robotic AIBOs, these are merely toys. They respond to touch. The "Mio pup" shows its emotions with eye animation, lights, sound, and wagging of its tail and ears. The eyes can show many different emotions with multiple animations. Look at the video.

If that's too much dog for you then you can have the ingeniously named "IDOG". A design that doesn't rip off any famous music players at all *cough* (see image). The reason why it looks this way is because it's meant to be used with Audio players. "Simply connect iDog to your audio player (any player) and touch one of its sensor buttons. Depending on where you touch, iDog gives a response by wagging its ears, and shaking its head while displaying a range of cool LED lights."
Of course, we are not all dog people. For the cat person out there, SEGA is providing you with "Yume Neko Smile" (Dream Cat Smile). Its er....well... a cat substitute, if you will. You know, when your little kid girl nags for one and you know that the cat would die within a week, well, you get the dream cat thing.

I am unsure if I should wish for SEGA to return to videogames to spare the world from these toys or wish for them to stay AWAY from videogames to spare videogames from these ideas.


Ammar456 said...

wow, thats new! but then, they've been crumbling ever since nintendo and sony pushed them off the console market, so i guess this is a good thing...

they should make the new transformer toys that should be springing up all over the place!


Manaf Almuhandis said...

Hey Ammar,

SEGA had its day hasn't it? And it was a good day too. But this is Pathetic.
Well, I guess you have to do what you have to do.