16 August, 2007

Michael jackson sued again!

Today's Alwasat newspaper reports that a Bahraini governor, Shaikh Abdulla bin Hamad Alkhalifa (a son of Bahrain's King Hamad Alkhalifa) has filed a law suit against the one and only, Michael Jackson.

The case is based on the allegation that Michael Jackson backed out on a promise to record a cover version of an Elvis Priestly record (unnamed). They are suing for $5 million in damages plus the cost of full accommodation and hospitality for himself and his three children for 12 months.

The promise was made sometime in 2005 when Jackson first arrived to Bahrain. Later, in 2006, King Hamad Alkhalifa himself greeted the performer in his palace (see the picture above), where Jackson thanked the king for his hospitality and commented that he was going to release an album of original tracks rather than old compilations. The Album was going to be produced by "Two Seas Records", a Bahraini record label owned by Shaikh Abdulla.

Michael Jackson were casually seen in Bahrain's mall's during these periods. Whether shopping or reserving whole kiddie ride parks for Bahraini children. He is of coursed always preceded by his fame. which made him disguise him self in the famous "women's Abaya cross dressing incident" (see left) in an effort to escape curious eyes. Failing miserably and falling directly into International news agencies cameras.

Personally, I like Michael's music. Shame that he is throwing himself in these situations. If you ask me, he doesn't know what he's doing anymore. Where to stay, release an album or not, do other business or not. Shame. Real shame.


Ammar456 said...

You cant mess with the thriller. But MJ seems to be seriously confused, poor thing.

Manaf Almuhandis said...

The legend. the brand.
He could have built a whole walt disney theme park just based on "Moonwalker".
Where did it go wrong?