09 August, 2007

PS3 prices drop in Bahrain

Sony fought back with a global plan, it seems, to cut the prices. Today we saw ads for new reduced prices for PS3s in Bahrain.
Just a couple of months ago, it debuted to the tune of BD 270 ($715) for a bare bones system. Games were priced BD 30 ($80) at least.
We now see three bundles on display.
The first two has one game attached: Eithr "Resistance: Fall of man" or "Moto storm" and a controller.
System + one game now costs BD 229 ($606).
Another third bundle includes both mentioned games for BD 260 ($687) but for 2 controllers rather than one. Compared to the initial offering price, this is a pretty sweet deal. This deal could have set you back BD 360 ($952) at least had you got it at launch.
Similarly, I just heard this morning that PS3 prices in Malysia reached about BD 180 ($476). This is of course great news. Sony is doing exactly the suggestions I previously wrote in my March next gen forcast. They seems to be on the brink of a reform which can very much be very successful. If these moves could get retail customers intrested again, this will pull back the cautious 3rd party developers to the Sony side again.
In the mean time, Nintendo has NO Middle east representation nor official releases. And the choice of games are leaving hard cores hungry. Can't belive it, but This round Sony 1 / Nintendo 0.
The X360 is enjoying the Middle East presence of Microsoft and got price cuts and more distribution as well. Although it is still not the house hold name the Playstation is here.
Any way, It will be intresting to watch the public's reaction to the price cut.

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alfatih said...

Greetings Redbelt!
I was searching for inof on PS3 prices in Bahrain, cos Im seriously considering to buy one ASAP. Especially with Winning Eleven coming out soon. So i searched it at yahoo and ur link was top. Thanks for the info. Actually its gone down even further now! 199 for 1 controller 229 for two! My question do u think it'll go down again? When and until what limit will it just stop? u think I should buy one or just wait until I get back to Indonesia in December? If the difference aint to big í'll just buy it here. Heheh.. All of a sudden ur like my advisor here.. Sorry.
So how is the PS3 anyway? Its worth to buy ofcourse.