25 August, 2007

Winning Eleven 11 is near!

The Winning Eleven series is extremely popular the world over and in the GCC more specifically. Heck, in Saudi they even rent out Playstations in coffee shops so you can play the thing with your mates.
the 10th incarnation was released on the PS2 last year. The 11th release (which sounds confusing yet cool) is coming out on BOTH the X360 and PS3.
This will be amazing, no reviews needed. It's just updated and improved more of the same. You can see some of the new additions in the pictures below
If something is gonna increase PS3's sales in the Middle East, this will be it.

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Omar said...

Bro we need new market analysis before Christmas. Give us one quickly. Dont forget that MS has already drew their last card (halo 3). Wii and PS3 been in the market for almost a year now.

The PS3 has alot of games coming up (uncharted, Ratchet 9.4, and the highly anticipated Haze) also with other multi platforms. What about MS, what will they do to win right now especially that the new PS3 40GB is selling very well in Europe and is expected to debut in the US tomorrow and Japan in 11 Nov.

and whats going with the Wii and its sales of games what do you think will happen if Mario was out. Its already in the lead but what should it do to make people buy more games and also to persuade third party devs.