17 August, 2007

You don't think you're biased?

USA supports Israel with $30,000,000,000.00 (30 billion) over the next 10 years in ARMS ONLY.

Which mean there are MORE aids going to it later!
The amount is BD11340000000 (Almost BD94500000 - ninety four million and a half dinars - per month).
Now why is America doing that?
Did they do that to... lets say, South Korea? Who is their friends and faces danger from the North?
Did they do it to Finland? It is a "friend" isn't it?
Why not Trinidad & Tobago, Uganda, Vietnam, Ivory Coast, Bahrain, Mongolia, Fiji Islands, Poland. Why don't you let any other small, faraway, another continent country take over your decisions?
Why do you always give to Israel, which didn't give anything back to the taxpayers who are paying for this anyway?
If you do not think USA is biased and or is controlled by this tiny "state", you must be on something. This, my friends, is another reason why terrorism still goes on.

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