18 December, 2007

Americans afraid of college prayer room

So, Normandale Community College, USA, have turned its meditation room into a Muslims prayer room. It has a male and female section, prayer times, direction of the Qibla, and people can thankfully actually pray there now. Katherine Kersten writes about it, it gets posted into Digg, then Islamophobia breaks loose, just look at the comments of Digg users:

It'd be a good time to start carrying pork-rinds around campus, and offer them to anyone you meet. Since it's not politically correct to "profile", offer them to eveybody, especially those in the meditation room. It'd be rude not to offer.

It works on airlines, too........



I think a group of female students needs to go in there quite often and be sure to be uncovered, speak loud enough to be heard, and not stay in the small cordoned off area for women. Show these folks what gender equality means.


Come on diggers, you talk of free speech and bash religion all the time. whats stopping you now??? You rip the Christians a new one everyday, let me see your best shots about this oppression against women and against other religions.


Is anyone beginning to understand how the excesses of the Crusades and the Reconquista happened?

All this my friends is pure Islamophobia. I can safely say so because they are contradicting their own AMERICAN LAWS which state: Every person has the right to practice his / her own religion.

Now, the segregation of sexes is done as part of the religion itself, and that is a private matter. No one is being injured by it is there? Is it increasing fatalities amongst infants perhaps? Guess not.

And the whining about a dedicated prayer room? Well, again, the AMERICAN LAWS state that they are free to practice their religion. Which incidentally means praying 5 times a day and that unfortunately needs a place to do so.

I mean seriously, people are stuck in a room praying and all this phobia surfaces? Americans are not Americans anymore. No, they do not believe in the words of their forefathers anymore. shame that.


Anonymous said...

"the segregation of sexes is done as part of the religion itself"

And this is where you lose your objectivity. One of the basic tenets of Islam is that you separate the sexes and yet you argue for them and slander those opposing them.

Redbelt said...

Where have I slandered opposing views?
And anyway, freedom of religion is basically an agreement to disagree on religion. Which is fine.

So? I can't see your point anon.

ammaro.com said...

ignore anon, he obviously doesn't know what he's talking about.

as for the US, sure, I know a LOT of people who are freaked out by anything muslim/middle-eastern. That's still a stereotype, however, and doesn't apply to everyone. Where I lived in Boston, most people were well aware of who we are, what are beliefs are, and that we're no more dangerous than your average joe on the street.

Redbelt said...

Yes Ammar, but Boston isn't exactly a red state.

If you click on that link, you can see that those who voted Bush are mostly white, and average to high income with acceptance growing the smaller the city is. Bush targeted states that are less connected to the outside world and who are rural or doing good to begin with.

Boston is I hear very cultured and I am sure the people there are way more civilized. They can call a Spade that.