05 December, 2007

Western Digital Hard Disks

I just bought me self a Western Digital Passport Portable Hard Disk. Since I left my last job, I had many files to take away with me. So I thought I'd go get me one of these sleek portable Hard Disk thingies.

So off I went to Gean't. It's where I go to first if I want anything IT, if I can't find it there then I'd bother looking about. They had several models from iomega, Toshiba & Memorex. But the Western Digital Passport was on Special offer. A 120 GB HD costs BD 31, while a 160 GB HD costs merely BD 46. That is a bargain. You'd find drives for half this capacity with the same price in other brands.

I got the 160 GB model, it comes with synchronisation software (Windows only) that syncs your "my documents" folder, outlook mail, wall paper and favorites. Any Windows PC you plug this drive into turns into your PC (well.. close enough). I found that to be liberating as I go back and forth between several PCs.

Some complained about the Passport's power consumption. This drives draws power from the USB port, but some PCs do not give enough power and thus need a special cable (a Two to One Cable) to draw power from 2 USB ports, this cable is not included.

Still, I highly recommend it. Run and get it. And in order to not promote Gean't, you'll find it for 10 fils cheaper in Lulu Hypermarket as well! Knock your selves out.


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

I wouldn't be too happy about getting one of these crappy drives. But now that you did, just make sure that it doesn't drop from you (even a couple of inches) and make sure that you behave as if it is nitroglycerin about to blow you up at all times!

ammaro.com said...

i wouldnt use them for backup. having them as a big flash drive is fine, and keeping them as an extra backup is also ok. i usually backup all my data onto DVD's. 2 copies, stored in different places, just incase. More reliable, and a small drop/shock isnt going to make me lose my data.

but hey, congrats on the drive; how slim is it?

Redbelt said...

Oh yes, I remember your unfortunate incident.
Well, point taken. However this point extends to way more than just Hard disks. You need to have back ups (and back ups of back ups) to be safer in case something goes wrong. Wether they be a hard disk, or a family photo album.
If you got one copy of it, you're putting your eggs in one basket.

Redbelt said...

Morning Ammar

It is 1cm thick. and dimensions about 13 x 7.5 cm.

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

well, it's small... but it's how you use it is the thing that counts I guess!


Redbelt said...

Well Mahmood, it has a big capacity.