03 December, 2007

I am ACCUSED! The Pebble of DOOM resurfaces.

I have officially been cited to appear in front of the Sixth Minor Criminal Court. What is the charge? Allegedly, a pebble flew out from my tyre and hit another car's wind shield.
This charge is so bogus and trivial, I cannot believe it is real. You can read about it in the original post here. This was last May.
No I have been cited with the following charges:
  1. Caused by mistake to cause damages in properties of others
  2. Drove the vehicle while unregistered
  3. Did not take utmost care due when driving
Are you laughing yet?
I answer as follows:
  1. PROVE IT!
  2. Well, it was my mom's car, I had no idea if it was or wasn't registered. The owner of the car should be responsible for that and it is usually a fine not a criminal offense.
  3. What on EARTH is the "due care" I should take to stop pebbles from flying off my tyers? Fix a damn Hoover on the front bumper?
I heired the services of Mr. Ziyad Kioumji to represent me in court. It is a full blown court case for a lowly pebble. In his professional opinion, they have no law to stand upon nor they can prove it. He was also alone, No witnesses.

I suspected that this might be actually be a scam. Last May, several police officers called me several times, long phone calls may I add, to try to persuade me to pay BD 10 "for this poor poor man!".
Are they scaring citizens to do so? I swear if it was my mother she'd pay on the spot. But they had to get that stubborn blogger.

My trial is on 11th Dec. @ 9 AM. I am inviting anyone who could use a laugh.


ammaro.com said...

thats ridiculous. i pity the fools (ie, our muroor)

Redbelt said...

That is very stupid. Not to mention time wasting.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Sorry to hear that .. I have had my windshield cracked because of a 'flying pebble' but didn't think I could sue anyone..

If I were you and since they were wasting your time anyway .. I would sue the Baladiya for they are the ones responsible for cleaning roads to begin with!

Redbelt said...

I told the Murror that and they were shocked, like "how dare he!!".

ammaro said...

so what was the result?