05 December, 2007

Poll Result: What would you like to read more of?

This poll closed yesterday with 19 voters. The result is so:

What would you like to read more of? (tick as many as you like)

Bahraini Events
8 (42%)

Videogame Insights
8 (42%)

8 (42%)

3 (15%)

Computers and Tech
8 (42%)

8 (42%)

Other (please state in the comments)
1 (5%)

Votes so far: 19 Poll closed

Amazingly, you seem to like Bahraini posts, as much as Videogame, Sports, Computer or Telecom posts. I thought I'd stick to the topics you like most, but it seems some of you like me ranting about anything. At least I know you had your fill of Politics.

Thank you to all the voters. I'll keep cranking these posts!

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