07 May, 2008

I became a man

On the 30th of last April, I turned 30. What? What did you think I meant?
30 years, eh? Damn, I'm getting old. When you start saying "back in our days..." then you are old. Funny thing is, you can't NOT use that phrase. You know what it means yet you'd still use it.
Remember when year 2000 sounded like something that was very far away?
It is now!
The way I see it, a human goes through these stages:
Age 0-5: Baby
6-12: Child
13-19: Teenager
20-29: Young Man
30-49: Just man
50-59: Mature man
60-69: Pensioner
70-79: Old geezer
80-89: Death defying wise/cooky man (cross as appropriate)
90+: miracle of modern medicine.

And so, the descriptive: "young" gets crossed out from my life's job title. What do I feel? Nothing really. Well, some dread as I realise that this means less videogames time.


ammaro said...

oh, i thought you managed to kill a lion or something

Redbelt said...

I did. Why do you think Bahrain is Lion free?

Yacoub said...

"I did. Why do you think Bahrain is Lion free?"


well happy belated birthday and dude you're old!

LetsEatLunch said...

I think your scale is a little of balance. if your not a mature man by 30 then you need some serious help.

Redbelt said...

When you reach 40, come back and post again.