08 May, 2008

Applied to Zain@Home (experience log)

On April 24th, i got myself into a Zain experience shop and signed up for thier Zain@Home At the time, the young man behind the counter said that the installation guys will come within 10 days.
Nothing happened. No peep. Absolute quitness.
Not only did I not get a call, I also never got a reply to an email I sent enquiring.
I waltzed back in yesterday to the same experience shop and the guy behind the counter assured me again that I will get it in two days (that is a window of today: Thursday, and tomorrow).
i'm not holding my breath.
Check back here to follow my experience with Zain. You can also check out Mahmood's Den to follow his experience.


Redbelt said...

An update: I recently got off the phone of a Zain rep. My appointment has been pushed back to next Monday 12th May. Which means if they keep thier words, it would be an 18 day waiting period with NO INTERNET @ MY HOME.
So far:
Keeping promises: F
Fast service: F
Friendly Service: C
Connection Quality: N/A
Connection Stability: N/A

Sunshine said...

brace urself.. u havent even started yet

Redbelt said...

Sunshine, are you a Zain@home customer? If so please tell us about your experience.