14 May, 2008

Zain fails to honour third appointment. Has no idea who does what. (Experience log)

Zain failed to show up for the THIRD appointment they gave me to install the Zain@Home service (Ironically, keeping it AWAY from my home!). In the last experience log post, a lady by the name of Mona told me that it will be installed on Wednesday anoday?d despite my efforts for them to do it earlier, assured me that nothing can be done and Wednesday is the day. Not true.
Today at around 2PM, after hearing nothing from them I called 107, a young man answered by the name of Yousef.
I told Yousef that I expected an installation today, and after being on hold for some time came back and said this bomb:
"Are you sure you have an installation today? There is nothing on my system"
"What? A "Mona" Called and said they will come on Wedensday"
"When did she call you?"
"No, No one called you on Monday"

What the hell? What do you mean no one called me on Monday? The Zain rep actually DENIED that anyone actually called me. No amounts of assuring him that a call was made and a subsequent late appointment assured did anything to change his mind.

I simply said this:
"OK, I will accept ANY CONFIRMED APPOINTMENT. Even if it was weeks in the future. But since April 24th, Zain was not able to give me a confirmed appointment with a date and time. Who can give me such an appointment and how do I get it?"
He had no response besides that he will log my call and "see" what he can do.
I demanded (again) that I get a proper answer, and after 15 minutes on the phone said he will get back to me.
"In an hour tops"
"I'm sorry Yousef, no disrespect to you, but many said that but never called back"
"But I will call!"
"What proves this to me? On good faith I trusted others who said the same thing but no one called back"
"No sir, I will definitely call back. Just give me half an hour or an hour tops and I'll call you back"
"OK Yousef, I will trust you this time I hope you won't let me down"
"I won't"

But he did.
No one called.

It is rather unfortunate that Zain falls down to such a level of chaos. A company which exemplified model customer services has no idea who does what or when and fails to even return calls they promise. Let alone proper installation dates, at least a person can call when they say they will, it is independent of any system or procedure. But Probably customer services isn't so high up on the priority level anymore.
In the wake of their transformation from MTC Vodafone to Zain, I have noticed a clear decline in the quality of Zain's services and customer service. It is very sad that it reaches the level of inability.
Someone who is close to Zain told me that in thier Vodafone days, call centre agents undergo a 3 month training programme before they are allowed to answer customers. This has been shortened in Zain'o a mere 3 days. As a training consultant, I can safely say this is no where enough.

I am sorry to say that since April 24th I have no idea when, or if, me service connects. I will march back into a Zain shop tomorrow and demand my money back and the agreement ripped.

Keeping promises: FFF
Fast service: FFF
Friendly Service: D
Connection Quality: N/A
Connection Stability: N/A


FawaZu// said...

UHH.. I just did a presentation about Batelco, mtc and zain.
I guess that mtc was better cuz they were focusing on one service (mobile), bas since mtc expanded to zain, they started offering new services such as @home & the internet. So I guess that they're trying to rapidly increase their employees, with minimum time spent on training - in order to meet with the rapid expansion! Plus, zain isn't experienced enough when it comes to other services rather than mobile.
oh, & one more thing, I heared that they allready implemented the international calls for local cost, so maybe theyre trying to focus on that for the time being!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Zain, you drive me Inzain. This is the company that doesn't send out bills anymore because Bahrain Post is too unreliable. Instead you have to check online, a service that merely gives you a balance with no breakdown of your spending. I have the 18 BD a month service yet my balance for this month is 125. WTF??? I haven't even been using the phone much and it I've exceeded my bandwidth surely this is a way I can find out or they let me know.

Anonymous said...

Unbreakable again from kk.net

anyways, as a telecommunication guy, I know some people who worked in Zain's SMSC (SMS Center), one of them told me that zain is taking bahrain as a testing field, nothing more, they are not looking to increase their clients nor business here, because they are already in larger markets in the GCC and Middle East, so anyways, how do you expect a company to treat their testing rats?

dude, u should have had them recorded, this way u would be able to nail them real hard..

all you have to do now is to go to the main branch, and flame the hell out of them, go talk to the retard supervisor, or if u can rise it up to the manager in customer service!

good luck

social corp media monitor said...

Another way of resolving this is by getting in touch with ZAIN's PR Office, the brand manager is Mandana Banahi (mandana.banahi AT bh.zain.com) - 36339909 /36030263

Corp Communications at Zain aren't aware of what goes on after they're done with they're pre-sales on branding of products and services, talk to them ;-)

Anonymous said...

Stop complaining about everything .. just fluctuate with the waves to survive from drowning. other wise don't go 4 it.