12 May, 2008

Zain FAILS to keep promises for the second time (Experience log)

If you have been following my blog, you would know that I have applied to Zain@Home Service. As per last update, I applied on the 24th of April, was promised installation within 10 days but then said they cannot keep it and will do it in 14 days. That means that they’d do this TODAY.

I just got a call from Zain, a lady by the name of Muna so innocently said to me:

“Is this Mr. Manaf? Yes, how are you? I’d like to book your time for the installation of Zain@Home NEXT WEDENSDAY

I go: “Say what? Wednesday?”

“Yes sir”

“Like hell no! I was promised within 10 days, then promised within 14 days, now you gonna break another promise AGAIN?”

Feigning ignorance she asked: “Why? When were you expecting it to be installed?”

“Oh no. We can’t do that”

“Why the hell not?”

“Well, it didn’t get into our system until the 9th of May. We just knew about it”

“I fail to see how this is my problem. Actually, seems like it’s YOUR problem”

The lady tried her best to make me see the light, and that they are innocent people and absolutely excusable and my waiting period is understandable. I demanded that they honour their promise.

After a lot of give and take which felt like bargaining for my rights; she said she will talk to THEM (THEM is a very powerful Bahraini word that seems to point to powers that be).

I asked when will they get back to me, she said soon. Nu-uh lady, I don’t get an answer like that.

I asked her five times WHEN? She tried to dodge the answer as much as possible until in the end she said, hopefully within an hour.

31 minutes have already passed. You think they’ll make it?

So far:

Keeping promises: 2xF
Fast service: 2xF
Friendly Service: D
Connection Quality: N/A
Connection Stability: N/A


Redbelt said...

Just as expected, the Zain rep failed to return the call she promised at all. I called Zain's help desk and described the problem. They failed to honour 2 appointments and did not even call back to remedy the situation, preferring that I just accept reality as is. I called Zain again and the man who picked up told me that he dosen't know of any Mona that works in thier call centre and said there is no one by that name. Moreover, he said thier system was down and I should call later, I of course refused. I explained the situation to him despite my feeling that he didn't want to handle it. He told me bluntly that he can't do anything about it and should just wait in a take it or leave it way. I told him I was promised twice already, why should I believe them again? He then accused his own staff that they SHOULDN'T have given me dates and wanted names for people who did such an unthinkable deed. To cut a needlesly long story short, he said that he recorded the complaint and will "look into it". On my part I told him that I myself am recording this experience as a blogger and that a bunch of bloggers are registering with Zain and blogging about it. Suddenly he was very intrested and asked for my blog's URL which I gladly told him.
Bottom line: nothing happened. They promised Wednesday as the day they will grace me with thier services, so I will wait and see. I shall keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

dude, this is unbreakable from kk.net

anyways...as tom hanks said in forest gump, shit happens...but anyways i am feeling u dude, call them back and cancel your request...or call them back and talk to the service manager and flame him up...seriously, this is the only way to do it, flame him up and you will get the internet installed after an hour...

just when u call them again and they say "9aba7ok zain" say "9aba7kom zeft"...

I have a belief, as long as a company has a Lebanese dude in the managing board, then I am 110% sure it will suck

Anonymous said...

Bottom line: nothing happened. They promised Wednesday as the day they will grace me with thier services, so I will wait and see. I shall keep you posted.